Day 1739 | Tennis Thursday

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work, and my personal life...

I pretty much went to play tennis again straight after getting out of my bed and eating a banana. The rest of my thursday was a pretty empty day and one of those rare times that I actually gotten a bit lonely and bored in the evening. I did take a walk to the supermarket to get something to eat and also watched some tv before going to bed quite early with the intentions to go on a morning walk on Friday.

Daily Food Journal
I ate a banana in the morning and some bread in the evening

Today GoalsI'm still trying to get myself in gear again for a good active period with healthy food, lots of yoga classes but I fear that it won't be until February until I succeed in this. In the coming days I will try to work my way up to it and limit the overall damage.

DayWeightBed TimeAwakeExpensesDay Score
01 Jan71.5 kg00:0009:000€7
02 Jan71.2 kg00:0009:000€7
03 Jan70.8 kg23:3008:301.72€6
04 Jan70.4 kg00:0009:000€7
05 Jan70.5 kg00:0008:3025.75€7
06 Jan71.3 kg00:3009:0012.27€7
07 Jan71.7 kg01:0009:002.57€6
08 Jan72.0 kg00:3009:005.29€7
09 Jan72.0 kg00:3009:002.96€5
10 Jan71.9 kg01:0009:008.07€6
11 Jan72.3 kg01:3009:005.34€6
12 Jan72.1 kg00:3009:0012.34€6
13 Jan72.2 kg00:3008:3020.02€5
14 Jan72.4 kg00:4009:005.14€5
15 Jan72.7 kg01:0010:009.48€5
16 Jan73.0 kg00:3007:304.73€5
17 Jan72.2 kg00:0007:300.00€6
18 Jan71.5 kg00:0008:000.00€6
19 Jan72.1 kg01:0009:007.37€6
20 Jan71.7 kg00:3009:0062.5€7
21 Jan72.0 kg01:0010:007.04€5
22 Jan72.2 kg01:0009:307.93€5
23 Jan72.1 kg01:0009:005.05€6
24 Jan72.2 kg01:0011:009.23€6
25 Jan72.5 kg00:3008:0011.35€6
26 Jan72.7 kg23:3008:307.23€5

365 Day Fit-at-40 Challenge

128TennisBanana, Bread9 Hours72.7 kg
127-Fries7.5 Hours72.5 kg
126-Pasta Pesto, cookies10 Hours72.2 kg
12580 Minute WalkBanana, Bread cucumber salad8 Hours72.1 kg
124-Ice Cream, Sausage, Bread, Vegan Curry8.5 Hours72.2 kg
123-Smootie, bread, cookies9 Hours72.0 kg
122-Omelat, cookies, vegan burger, fries, ice cream8 Hours71.7 kg
121TennisBread, Eggs8 Hours8 Hours72.2 kg
120WalkSmoothie, Beans, Mais8 Hours71.5 kg
129-Smoothie, Paprika, Mais7.5 Hours72.2 kg
128-Smoothie, Sandwiches7 Hours73.0 kg
127-Bread, Chips9 Hours72.7 kg
126-Sandwiches8.5 Hours72.4 kg
125Afternoon WalkBread8 Hours72.2 kg
124TennisBread, Vegan Ice Cream8.5 Hours72.1 kg
123WalkPizza, nuts7.5 Hours72.3 kg
122-Bread, Cheese, Chocolate, Cookies8 Hours71.9 kg
121Morning WalkVegetably Curry, Pasts & Mushrooms8.5 Hours72.0 kg
120-Rice, Vegetable Curry Kroepoek, Cookues8.5 Hours72.0 kg
119Morning WalkRice, Vegetable crurry, spring rolls, chips8 Hours71.7 kg
118Morning WalkBread, Mini Spring Rolls, vegetably curry, Cookies8.5 Hours71.3 kg
117Morning WalkBeans, Bread, Hazelnut Spread8.5 Hours70.5 kg
116Morning WalkOatmeal, Banana, Crackers9 Hours70.4 kg
115Morning WalkBanana, beans, Soup, Crackers9 Hours70.8 kg
114Walk, Reps, YogaSmoothie, Soup, Crackers9 Hours71.2 kg
113Walk & RepsProteine Shake & Smoothie9 Hours71.5 kg
112-72.0 kg

Previous Months Progress

112December72.0 kg
081November72.0 kg
052October70.6 kg
021September72.0 kg
000Start73.0 kg

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