Manchester United face another lose against Liverpool

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Manchester United slumped to a 0-5 defeat against Liverpool at the old Trafford in the week 9 of the English Premier league 2021-2022 season game. It was a big slap in the face for Manchester United as they are heavily defeated with hungry Liverpool player who are Hungry for winning. It was an early goal for Liverpool as Manchester United are down with 4 goals in the half time, Manchester United lost total confidence in this game and they never played to win as their morale is totally down.

Liverpool are more determined in this game and they came into the game with intention to win and their expectations was met, Liverpool dispossessed Manchester United and they hammered them like a small team. Liverpool are aiming for the top position and they still can't take Chelsea down who won 7-0 against Norwich yesterday. Liverpool performance cannot be underestimated and they are the only team who has not lost any game in the English Premier league.

Liverpool has recorded 3 draw and 6 wins which makes them ended up with 21 points sitting on second position behind Chelsea with 22 points. Manchester United after the defeat makes them went down from 5th position to 7th position with 4 wins, 2 draw and 3 defeats. Manchester United will be meeting with another tough game against Tottenham Hotspur the next weekend, Ole Gunnar Solskjær may be close to be fired with their current state of the team.