Hyacinth orchids on a stormy day : February 9 2023


Heading down south for the weekend in our new house. Dropped my wife off at the station. She will catch a train south. My jobs are to plan the weekend's food, pack the car and do the shopping. Key thing is I get to skip the traffic and can slot in a bush walk.

Today's plan went a little sqiuff with a huge thunderstorm around the airport. I have never driven in that much rain. Did the shopping in the storm. The shopping centre had heaps of water rushing in. Then went walking - tracks were creeks

The best part is one never knows what the bush will bring - this bug was happy to pose

Water was running hard - this is the creek forming below the outlets of the storm water

Banksia just forming

Part of the mission was to find midge orchids. A friend had told me where to go - tracks were creeks. He promised lots of midge orchids - did find one budding - hard to focus - one foot in the creek

The step back photo shows the leaf and spike

This hyacinth orchid got nailed by fungus. Looks like the photo man was not doing much better - shaky

He promised banksia - got those

The track crosses the creek. Photo shows the track on the other side of the creek - the orchids are across the two foot torrent - not going that way

Turn back to explore what I can get to. Did walk the length of the creek back to the main bike track - seeding dipodium orchid

Got up to Engadine Lagoon - no path that way with water two foot deep

Spider grevillea in the wet

Did find an orchid flowering - dipodium variegatum - two plants together

Close up - common hyacinth orchid

Second plant always adds to the find

This captures the walking challenge - wattle flower hangs over the track (creek)

Purple fan flower

Banksia serratum with bee action

Got a walk in without more rain and did get two orchids open. Had a beer in the local pub. Message from my wife - train troubles - can get a train to Sutherland. Trains to South Coast are toast

Drove back to Sutherland. Stormy weather is gone. My wife drove the rest. My walk in the humidity was killer. Weather was fine for the drive

Dinner: Pizza started the second we hit the house

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thank you so much for sharing the report and great photos, have a nice day


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