My Sunday at the Soccer Tournament with my Son

Greetings friends from Hive and from the @weekend-experiences community, I hope you had an excellent weekend, this time I am going to share with you how my Sunday was at my son's soccer tournament.


Last weekend the Sub 12 team where my son is did not have a game, he had to rest, but this weekend was different, they have a game in the tournament with the Fama team at 11:00 am. My son and I left early to see and support the other colleagues from The foundation, who also had the Under 8 and Under 10 categories.


In the Under 10 category game, Foundation against Fama, they lost 3-0, when we arrived, this game had already ended, then the Under 8 game began, Foundation against Colorados, this game was quite good, but the team was equally they lost 3-0, I see that this team lacks more experience since the team from The Colorados has already played in other championships and is in good physical condition.


After having seen these two games, the coach prepared the team for the Under 12 category, where my son is, where they would play against the Fame team. In this Under 12 category, the coach divided it into two groups, A and B, the first where the players who have used in previous championships would be and the B, where the newer players will be, despite this In this category they left two players who already have experience in previous championships, I imagine so that the team has greater strength and what they are new learn from these players.


Now, at the beginning of the first half, the game was very busy, the Foundation team scored the first goal in the first minutes, later the children continued to play with strategies and continued to score more goals, we in the stands continue to support the children for them to keep hitting. In this first half they finished 3-0, already with a wide advantage over their rival.


In the second half, there were some changes of players, where my son entered the field, the game continued, where Foundation
A continued to dominate, and they managed to score goal number 4. After this scenario, our team neglected defense and Fama scores his first goal, now the marked change 4 x 1. This team is made up of 11 players, which gives the coach an opportunity to establish game strategies through the different changes when necessary.


Then came the Foundation B game in category 12, against Carrizalito, here from the beginning of the game it was different, our team neglected the defense and they scored 3 goals for us in the first half, in this team the goalkeeper is very small, which it is not advantageous because the children of the opposing team are tall. In the second half the goalkeeper was changed, but good defenses and playing with better strategies were still missing, we lost this 5 x 1.


It should be noted that with a few minutes left to finish the game, the Foundation team managed to score goal number 5, then time ended and they won the game 5 x 1 against the Fama team, it was an exciting game that we enjoyed to the fullest.

This was my Sunday, with my son's tournament, where they have already won two games in a row, they are heading towards the championship God willing. I hope you liked this experience of my weekend.