Arsenal Looking To Get Corona


Now this is one transfer I can get on board with Jesus has a 21 million transfer clause that can be triggered! His been a beast for Porto the last 2 seasons and if there’s one time that needs some flare upfront then it’s Arsenal

Corona is a top player with plenty of ability and I can see him easily slotting in with the likes of Martinelli and Saka and Smith Rowe as a live wire forward

I think if we can bring him in and offset the fee with the sale of Lacazette then this would be the transfer of the season

He will probably play as a right or left winger and would replace Willian but he can also play at right back if needed so it makes for even more bang for buck if you can secure Corona

Also pretty sure the Gooners will be coming up with songs for him the moment he signs d ting

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Jesus Manuel Corona Ruiz is a Mexican professional footballer who plays as a winger and right-back for Primeira Liga club Porto and the Mexico national team,it will be a great addition for the Gunner's to have him in their squad given the fact that he can function in much needed role that the Genners are actually lacking from,to me his going to add alot of qualities to the Arsenal squad if his asking price is met by the Gunner's.