My NFL Conference Round prediction

Good Sunday morning to everyone!

After my last week’s prediction, I decided to come back again this week. When if not now, right? Only two more weeks, before a long pause again. Damn, I will miss you NFL, I always do…
Sunday is simply special with all the games going on. I am always looking forward to 19:00 hours when NFL starts during regular season in my time zone. I always make sure I put my kid to sleep before, so I can have few hours for me and my football. Usually I am watching NFL Redzone, so I catch everything that matter. Very convenient thing if you are a fantasy fan as well like my…
Enough of the past, let’s turn to the future shortly after review of my last week predictions…


I was 3 out of 4 games. I could easily be 4 out of 4, but I am anyway satisfied with my prediction. There was less success with my bold and MVP predictions, but these are even more for fun. It is tough to write something bold and nail it…

At Rams – Pacs game there wasn’t any question marks if you ask me…
Clear win for the better team. Maybe next year LA as the path is definitely right.

We have my only wrong pick next with not trusting Bills, but once again they proved me wrong… Will I finally trust them? Hmmmmm… Wait and see…
Game overall was interesting, but not the best to watch in my opinion.

It was quite the opposite with the KC – Browns. Awesome game in all aspects from my point of view. I was also close with prediction going in the way that match will be a close one and KC will not win easily. Probably also due to Mahomes injury, but hey Henne did well on the last drive, didn’t he?

Last game of Divisional round was clash of titans as I named it along with many others. Here I predicted the upset and it actually happened. Brees simply don’t have it anymore. Stats don’t lie and Winstone did more with one pass only than Brees managed through whole game. Deserved win for Tampa, but can they go all the way?

After short review of my picks I am turning to the Conference finals which usually offer best football.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay Packers

Both games will be a joy to watch, but this one I will watch live as it starts with friendlier tipoff time. I am sure teams will not allow me to fall asleep. When you have Brady vs. Rodgers in the playoffs you have to watch the match as you don’t know how many opportunities more will be there in the following years. What should we be looking for? Key factor can be Aaron Jones. Not that classy RB, but always around and can do a lot of damage. In the opposite team there is Ronald Jones, which can hurt you too. I would say it will be one of these two guys being key factor. As I trust Tampa’s defense more, I will risk and go with Tampa. They have to do the same as in week 6 of the regular season when they keep Rodgers to what, about 150 yards and 10 points altogether? They know the recipe, but it is hard to cook the same dish second time as tasty as the first time. Time for Hollywood if they made it and they go all the way on their home stadium…

Score: 23 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Green Bay Packers 17

MVP: R. Jones with 120 rushing yards and two touchdowns

Bold Prediction: Rodgers will have less than 170 passing yards in a game

Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs

No, I won’t! That is the answer to the question I asked myself in the intro if I will trust Bills this time. I will stand by my words, that Bills simply can not win Super Bowl. At least not this year… I will give them more credit for next season, I promise that, but this year I will say no way, even though they proved me wrong many times. OK, I might choose the other way, but not against KC. Not now when Mahomes is cleared. There is a chance sure as KC defense is not bulletproof and Bills attack this year is like an airstrike, but that if Chief’s attack unit is like a nuclear device for several years now. They say defense wins championships, but hey Chiefs won it last year and they are walking the same way. I am expecting close game, one possession, maybe even come from behind late in fourth for Mahomes and leaving some time and giving opportunity to Josh Allen, but with some referee controversy included, they will not made it. At least that is my wish how the game should developed on Sunday night…

Score: 26 Buffalo Bills - Kansas City Chiefs 28

MVP: P. Mahomes with 334 passing yards for two touchdowns and one rushing touchdown

Bold Prediction: no turnovers on any side in Divisional round is bold for me