A Chaos Legion of Uniformed Sales PSA: What should things cost? What am I getting in the presale? w/ Buyer's Guide and Giveaway


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Chaos Legion Presale: Promos and Vouchers

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If you have been playing splinterlands you have no doubt noticed that Chaos Legion has started their presale. Meaning packs and vouchers are on the market, but what are these objects? A basic bit of information that not all buyers are understanding.

  • Vouchers: Used to buy a "presale" chaos legion pack from the store (cannot be opened until release) ONLY THESE in game purchased packs count towards the promotion rewards (purchased with voucher tokens).
  • Chaos Legion Packs: These are packs that will be readily available for 4 dollars upon the expansion's release. When you buy these packs p2p THEY DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE TITLE OR REWARDS. The only packs that count towards that are ones purchased with vouchers directly from Splinterlands itself.

Rewards, Discounts, and Titles, Oh my!

In the shop you can currently use vouchers to buy packs in a presale that will end within the next couple weeks. If you purchase 1000 packs this way you get a title, the top 6 players will assist in designing a legendary card, and there will be a promo card airdropped to potentially ANYONE who purchases a pack during this presale period. The only packs that count are packs purchased directly from the Splinterlands in game shop. Exciting prizes, but again ONLY PACKS PURCHASED FROM THE IN GAME STORE COUNT. If you buy a pack on the market this does not count. These packs will also be available to everyone at 4 dollars when the presale is over. Some players are acting like purchasing a pack from them counts towards the title and promos, it DOES NOT. Only packs purchased WITH VOUCHERS FROM THE IN GAME STORE count towards the promotional prizes. Are the promos worth these vouchers? You have to use your own judgment, however keep in mind only your purchases directly from the Splinterlands store will count for the leaderboard. The packs themselves will cost 4 dollars after the pre-sale.

A Legion of Uniformed Sales Giveaway

To a random person who likes AND comments on this post I will delegate a kelp initiate for 15 days. An excellent 2 cost spacer for the water splinter. Don't forget to follow for more informative posts, art, lore, tournaments, and much much more! I hope this little informative post helps some of you in your market buying decisions.

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