Natures Wrath: Kron's Defender, Centauri Mage INCLUDING Giveaway, Strategy Guide, Last Weeks Winners, and more!


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Card Impressions

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Centauri mage is a meaty return fire damage reflector at lvl 1 having 10 hp for only cost 7 the hp per mana value slightly outdoes Friendly Giant and she has 1 magic damage and return fire. Not shabby in the slightest, yet another heavy hp tank from the earth splinter. Best used when the enemy team has ranged units, but due to it's high hp can be an acceptable tank in most situations. Having 1 magic damage gives it an edge against armor and armor plating, but can be rendered a 0 damage by void in an instant. 1 magic damage would not get past void's magic reduction and leave your tank a 7 cost with 9 hp and return fire. Which, even in those terms is not the worst worst case scenario. This creature's most effective play occurs when the enemy has at least some sort of ranged creature, or hasn't built with a defense for magic.

Strategy and Placement

Centauri Mage due to relying upon magic damage, can in fact be placed in ANY position to good effect. Anywhere you need to tank incoming damage, ideally ranged damage. In my battle located here I place Centauri Mage in second position as a tank with chicken in first position as spacer. Due to the enemy position 1 tank having both void AND reflect I my Centauri mage was in for a hasty death. The enemy having too high of health for return fire to be fatal to ANY foe, and with triage they soon were all in fighting shape once again. However, Cornealius with last stand proved to be too tanky to handle and my enemy fell to fatigue damage.

centaur fight 1.png
The enemy had admirable defense and regeneration, most lineups wouldn't be able to outdo it. Including this one without the ruleset qualifier. Due to Cornealius being enraged he was able to heal BEFORE the incoming damage. So when fatigue began to set in he was able to out heal the enemy lineup. Yet another instance of fatigue that has lead to a slow victory.

centaur fight 3.png

Talking Tidbits

This fight didn't showcase Centauri's full range of talent, it survived a rather admirable pummeling but wasn't able to deal the sort of backline damage expected by the modifier due to the fact that the enemy had a mixed lineup of magic and ranged units. Expecting more ranged units with Selenia as the summoner this lineup was able to obliterate Centauri rather easily, but fell to a last stand Cornealius's mighty regeneration. Centauri mage lorewise is essentially the personal guard to Kron the Undying himself, and in fact has nearly as much hp as he does. Sporting beautiful magic that bolsters their allies.

Kron's Defender Giveaway and Last Weeks Winners

A little over a week ago I had a few giveaways and here are the results chosen due to random number generation. Congragulations @jmehta @irisworld may fortune favor you and your sharks.


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This week someone who likes AND comments on this post will be delegated a Centauri mage for 10 days. That's right the hearty tank mentioned in THIS post. Are you feeling lucky? And if you like giveaways, tournaments, strategy guides, and much much more! Don't forget to assail that follow button. And if you are interested in ANOTHER giveaway, and another take on Centauri Mage strategy then check out the other post here

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Keep Summoning and See You in the #Splinterlands


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