My Handball Career 2022/2023 #11

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After almost a month and a half without competition, the championship games returned.

During this month I wasn't very regular in training due to health problems as I had two serious tonsillitis a fortnight apart, due to traveling abroad for work reasons and of course also wanting to spend more time with my children.

Nothing like returning to games with two games in the same week.


In this first game we face the penultimate classified of our series.
The game was not at all exciting since we were in front of the scoreboard early on, we were always increasing the advantage.

We ended up winning 21-37.

The best part of this game was that our qualification for the next phase was mathematically defined.


This game had everything to be an interesting game even if in terms of classification it no longer made a difference since the first two classified were going to face each other.

On the first lap we lost and we would like to be able to correct that result.

However, when we arrived for the warm-up we noticed that our opponent decided to bring the youth team instead of the full team that I play against us in the first round.

They could have warned us because then my coach, instead of taking the seniors, had taken our juniors to play.

Despite this, we did what we were supposed to do and played normally, but the game had no emotion and our team rotated the whole team throughout the game, as after 16 minutes it was 11-3.

In the end, we ended up winning 29-20.

Next weekend we have the last game of this phase against the third from last classified.



In terms of classification, the first two places are defined.

At the moment, only third place and the last vacancy for the next one is up for discussion.

One of the things I'm most proud of is the fact that we are the best defense in the league.

Season Calendar

08/10/2022AD Godim vs AD Carvalhos19-31
22/10/2022AD Carvalhos vs Estrela Vigorosa Sport (Cup)32-24
29/10/2022GC Tarouca vs AD Carvalhos21-24
01/11/2022AD Carvalhos vs Arsenal Devesas (Cup)30-32
12/11/2022AD Carvalhos vs Boavista 'B'32-22
13/11/2022AD Carvalhos vs Estrala Vigorosa Sport21-19
19/11/2022FC Gaia B vs AD Carvalhos30-26
26/11/2022AD Carvalhos vs Académico FC26-23
03/12/2022AD Carvalhos vs AD Godim35-17
08/12/2022Estrela Vigorosa Sport vs AD Carvalhos24–27
17/12/2022AD Carvalhos vs GC Tarouca22-22
25/01/2023Boavista 'B' vs AD Carvalhos21-37
28/01/2023AD Carvalhos vs FC Gaia 'B'29-20
04/02/2023Académico FC vs AD Carvalhos



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