My Handball Career 2022/2023 #22

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Well, after last week's defeat, we needed to give an answer on the field so that people would understand that we weren't going to walk around for the rest of the championship and that we will always put pressure on the 1st place.

I think we got that answer.


This game only had one direction since in the first 10 minutes of the game the score was already 13-3 in our favor.

Even after a timeout, the opposing team never managed to give any kind of reply, which made us reach the break winning by 23-6.

Taking advantage of this expanded result, my coach gave everyone the opportunity to play and thus keep people motivated to train.

In the end we won 46-18 and honestly we could have conceded less than 15 goals.

Personally, I played the first complete part having reached close to 70% efficiency which makes me feel good about myself and I am beginning to notice that I am gradually recovering my form since I had 2 months off due to surgery.



Season Calendar

18/03/2023AD Carvalhos vs FC Gaia 'B'29 - 29
25/03/2023ACD Monte vs AD Carvalhos26 - 34
01/04/2023AD Carvalhos vs Oriental/AAUBI34 - 28
15/04/2023AD Carvalhos vs GICA/Indelague31 - 28
21/04/2023Estrela Vigorosa Sport vs AD Carvalhos27 - 34
05/05/2023FC Gaia 'B' vs AD Carvalhos24 - 21
13/05/2023AD Carvalhos vs ACD Monte46 - 18
20/05/2023Oriental/AAUBI vs AD Carvalhos
27/07/2025GICA/Indelague vs AD Carvalhos
03/06/2023AD Carvalhos vs Estrela Vigorosa Sport