My Handball Career 2022/2023 #23

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This weekend we had another game for the championship, but this time we had to travel 270 km to play the same.

Due to the delay of some athletes for the departure from Vila Nova de Gaia towards Covilha, we ended up only arriving at the pavilion 40 minutes before the start time. That is, we had very little time to warm up.


The game started on time and we even started to win 0-3, however, Oriental reached the 3-3 draw. However, we managed to show some superiority and reached the break leading by 10-14.

In the first half we made too many defensive mistakes, something that is not normal, and we missed many shots from six meters.
At halftime some players from our team said they didn't feel comfortable with the ball being used and since it wasn't the official ball, I don't know why the referees accepted this ball.

We asked for the ball to be changed to the official ball.

I don't know if the complaints were real or just an excuse, but what is certain is that we missed fewer shots.

In the second half we managed to improve defensively and that allowed us to extend our advantage and end the game winning by 10 goals (27-37).


Ranking is mathematically impossible for us to lose the 2nd place, which still gives us hope of being picked up for the division promotion.

We don't know if that will happen or not, but one thing is certain, we only have to do our job, which is to win every game until the end.


Season Calendar

18/03/2023AD Carvalhos vs FC Gaia 'B'29 - 29
25/03/2023ACD Monte vs AD Carvalhos26 - 34
01/04/2023AD Carvalhos vs Oriental/AAUBI34 - 28
15/04/2023AD Carvalhos vs GICA/Indelague31 - 28
21/04/2023Estrela Vigorosa Sport vs AD Carvalhos27 - 34
05/05/2023FC Gaia 'B' vs AD Carvalhos24 - 21
13/05/2023AD Carvalhos vs ACD Monte46 - 18
20/05/2023Oriental/AAUBI vs AD Carvalhos27 - 37
27/07/2025GICA/Indelague vs AD Carvalhos
03/06/2023AD Carvalhos vs Estrela Vigorosa Sport