My Handball Career 2022/2023 #7


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This week was a little difficult due to raining a log in Portugal that made it impossible for us to have 3 practices that we always have since the very humid making it impossible to run as normal.

This made us to cancel one practice and training with very caution in other one.


This was the big game of the weekend.
Many people came to the pavilion to assist the game.

We started very well, in the first 20 minutes we were winning by 5 goals. But after a time-out our team started to do a lot of mistakes in defense allowing FC Gaia 'B' to have easiest shots, and we were not able to score more goals.

At half-time, we were losing by 4 goals (16-12).

In the second half we cut the difference to one goal, and we had two opportunities to tie the score, but we couldn't score a goal.

After lose this opportunity, FC Gaia 'B' was able to score again and make it more difficult for us to score, and they again managed a 4-goal advantage.

Unfortunately, this game had a disrespect moment from FC Gaia 'B' when we requested a time-out 10 seconds from the end when his team was winning already by 4 goals.
During this unnecessary time-out I was the only talking and I said to my teammates that everyone it is forgiven to handshake the FC Gaia 'B' coach, in the end of game, since he disrespected us.

In the end of the game, we complimented all the elements of the opposing team except the head coach.


We conceded the first lose in the championship against another candidate team, but we still to have all the possibilities to qualify to the next phase since the first 3 teams are qualified. However, we need to improve a lot and don't lose games against weaker teams, otherwise we may not classify ourselves because of this.


Season Calendar

08/10/2022AD Godim vs AD Carvalhos19-31
22/10/2022AD Carvalhos vs Estrela Vigorosa Sport (Cup)32-24
29/10/2022GC Tarouca vs AD Carvalhos21-24
01/11/2022AD Carvalhos vs Arsenal Devesas (Cup)30-32
12/11/2022AD Carvalhos vs Boavista 'B'32-22
13/11/2022AD Carvalhos vs Estrala Vigorosa Sport21-19
19/11/2022FC Gaia B vs AD Carvalhos30-26
26/11/2022AD Carvalhos vs Académico FC
03/12/2022AD Carvalhos vs AD Godim
08/12/2022Estrela Vigorosa Sport vs AD Carvalhos
17/12/2022AD Carvalhos vs GC Tarouca
21/01/2023Boavista 'B' vs AD Carvalhos
28/01/2023AD Carvalhos vs FC Gaia 'B'
04/02/2023Académico FC vs AD Carvalhos