RE: Why I´m joining the Qatar World Cup Boycott and you should too

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I understand and sympathize with your reservations about human deaths, and I don't want my lack of support for the boycott to be perceived as disrespect or disregard for their right to life. I apologize if this is my fault.

But when people lose their lives for various reasons during the transportation of a product, those who buy that product do not say "you were careless in the transportation of this product, people died...I am not buying your product".

Or we know how gold mined from gold mines causes environmental disasters and endangers the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, killing them over time... but we don't stop buying gold.

Or there are many people working in coal mines under unfavorable conditions and their lives are constantly threatened... but no one says we don't buy coal because of the difficulties in their working conditions... These are unfortunately double standards of people and institutions.

You're right, Qatar probably got the hosting rights through corruption but that's not enough reason for me to protest against the football on the pitch! Every year we watch matches that stink of match fixing, some of them are proven and the people involved are punished but not all of them are proven... we are aware of the betting games but we don't lose interest in football.

I think we should look at what we have done as football fans before criticizing FIFA and UEFA.

For example, the Italian Super Cup, the French Cup Final, the Spanish Cup Final have been played in Qatar many times just for money. Once the final of my own country was also played in Qatar. It is no longer a secret that money and betting have taken over football! Some clubs in Europe are being sold to Arab sheiks, which country is taking measures to prevent this? I apologize if there is information that I don't know and have missed, but until it comes to FIFA and UEFA, there are more country federations to blame and those in authority who do not take measures.

I will watch the matches as a simple football fan, away from boycotts and similar protests!