Pushing Once More - My Actifit Report Card: September 27 2021


That was a long walk…

Jerry is starting to show his lack of activity as of late. Over a year now since I injured myself and stopped being able to exercise without hurting myself further. Now finally starting to have a return of energy I find myself needing to encourage Jerry to keep up. I certainly hope this is a trend of reaching between 5K and 10K steps a day once more!

Each day starts…

My morning self maintenance routine entails getting up and drinking water. Spending the first 20 to 30 minutes each morning reflecting on the day previous. After that I do stretching and take Jerry for a walk. By the time I complete my typical routine it is time to head to work, on this day I gave myself the freedom of not working SkipTheDishes.

I had to get out…

I was in an awful mood, as much as people can be empowering they have the potential to tear you down. Expectation within relationships can easily be misconstrued as requirement to facilitate sad relationship. No, I’m not going to get into details but I will say I absolutely needed to go for a walk and clear my mind.

I walked, and walked, and walked. I was surprised that although my leg was sore and not functioning correctly it was not stopping me. With this little conclusion I believe I am past the point of concern, albeit still in pain. Till now my efforts have resulted time and time again with being completely overwhelmed and fed up with the pain and exhaustion. I still often spend more time in a day sleeping than awake….

On this cold, rainy, dark and miserable day I walked all the way around the Gorge before realizing I had done so. It dawned on me when I looped back through the park and looked upon the snaking waterway.

The way it was portrayed to me, recovery is said to be white or black. In reality it’s all gray area. I think of things is from point A to B determining a path based upon difficulty and desired outcome. This mindset has made my recovery an absolutely frustrating and defeating process till now. Like the snaking waterway above my journey of recovery has not been a straight line although I am slowly making it to the desired destination.

I can walk again, 13K steps and famous d00k13 selfie to prove it!

That’s it, @d00k13 Out!!!

Up Your Motivations & Rewards

While I may have been inactive with injury, I have been doing some investigations. Not only can you earn with Actifit but you can multiply your rewards and motivations.

  1. COIN App
    Definitely an app worth checking out. Lets you earn crypto! Challenges, rewards, geocaching, super interactive and fun for when you need a little extra motivation! Link with local friends and multiply your rewards 💪 - https://coin.onelink.me/ePJg/438dbf52

  2. SweatCoin
    This one has been on my phone for a long while now. Challenges and rewards exchangeable for items. Even donations for good causes, run the daily challenge and it tracks the rest in the background! - https://sweatco.in/i/mover751385

  3. PaidToGo
    For the eco friendly out there this one includes some neat details about environmental impacts. This one I generally use as a workout/walk tracker but it has too many functions to list here! Even pays cash! - https://b0y83.app.link/GBOEaVaXUjb
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