Monday Run - 6km


dannewton just finished a 6.03km run, that lasted for 41 minutes.
This run helped dannewton burn 632.4 calories.

Description from Strava: I'm on holiday this week, which means I have the luxury of choosing when to run (instead of fitting it around work). After a nice long overdue lay-in this morning, I laced up trainers and headed out.

There has been plenty of rain overnight, and there was still a bit of drizzle lingering when set off. There was also a fresh breeze which made it noticeably cooler, which was a good thing. I have enjoyed the heat of the last 3 weeks, but it is not good for exercising.

Today's route headed out along the bypass, and as I had time today, I went for a little further than I have recently, right up to Branston Roundabout and back for a pleasant 6km run.

Time to go for a shower, and then I can crack on with some jobs at home (the kind of stuff that keeps getting put of and ignored lol)

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About the Athlete: Living in the UK, I am an intermittent Runner, but always striving for more consistency. When I'm not training I can be found photographing insects or listening to really loud angry music (which is the best type of music obviously!)


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