"Fs boardslide" with Kristian 🛹 👊 [Esp/Ing]


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Hello Hive Community.
Welcome to another video for my channel, the protagonist of today's video is Kristan. After several months we took out this square railing again and decided to skate it again.

Hola, Comunidad de Hive.
Bienvenidos a otro video para mi canal, el protagonista del video de hoy es Kristan. Despues de varios meses volvimos a sacar esta baranda cuadrada y decidimos patinarla nuevamente.

So we started with our friend Kristian doing some good Fs boardslide, as you can see in the video the breeze was very strong and we positioned the phone as best we could so it could record and not fall off in the breeze.

Asi que empezamos con nuestro amigo kristian haciendo unos buenos Fs boardslide, como pueden ver en el video la brisa estaba muy fuerte y colocamos el telefono como pudimos para que pudiera grabar y no se cayera con la brisa.

I hope you enjoy this video, Kristian raffled off with some good Fs boardslide both normal and fakie.

Espero que disfruten de este video, Kristian se rifo con unos buenos Fs boardslide tanto normales como a to fakie.

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