Apr. 12, 22: Routine, Oculus, Chores, Computer, TV, and Games


Honestly, I could pretty much sum up today by saying it was consumed by fighting the feeling of exhaustion. I did get some stuff done, but it was more or less only to fight through wanting to collapse.

Got to bed pretty late last night, after ten, and was woken up by the snoring, so ended with another hour short. Shouldn’t have been that bad, but it was, dragged the entire day. 😭

Been thinking about making the switch to Privex for the website hosting and been considering making a dedicated account for that purpose. Figured it might be too specific just to have it for the webhosting since there are likely to be other bills that need to be paid, so I made an “accounts payable” account and withdrew some funds from H-E to get it started:


Not much relevant to note about the usual morning routine. It was routine. Unfortunately, part of that routine is checking how much more money I’ve lost on Polygon…today it was about .1 ETH, fun times. I’m looking to pull out, but that’s another thing that has to be done on the computer. 😡

One of the things that has become part of the morning routine is going in and claiming my WAX stake rewards, but both my accounts have been frozen by CPU bullshit for the last four days. 🤬. So fucking stupid…even bought more of the shite but I can’t stake it to get CPU because I don’t have enough CPU:


It also looks like RAM gets consumed over time, so it’s an endless cycle of having to buy more in order to use a “feeless” chain. Perhaps I’m incorrect, but that’s how it appears so far. I thought it would be cool to get involved since so many Hive projects have parallels on WAX and being Graphene based I thought it would be like Hive, but seems like a rip from my experience so far. 😡

Did the usual H-E token shifting, and then spent the rest of my morning, as I do every day, writing my post. It was a chore today and I didn’t really want to do it, but another 1400 words down and another day of my life (what there is of it) is recorded on the chain…until the next major solar flare.

The wall didn’t hit me then, it had been slamming into my face the entire time, but I needed to work on the exams for class tomorrow (need them to review from), so I fired up the computer. Fifteen minutes later, when it finally woke up, I decided to run the “optimization” software.

Another half an hour later and it runs slower than before. 👍 Took a full three minutes to open Chrome. 🤬 While I waited for that shit, I fought the urge to lay down by plugging in to the Oculus.

I played some more Tentacular and made some progress in the story missions. There is one side mission that I’m completely stuck on, though, and I don’t understand what I’m
missing. You have to throw rockets and have the guys that eject land in a target, but it’s almost impossible to control the precise direction and no way to tell when they eject (it’s wherever the vertex is), so they either land short or don’t have enough height to get the parachute 🪂 open. 🤬 I’ve tried over and over and over and I just don’t get it. 😡

Quit out and got some lunch and still hadn’t done any of the work I needed to do on the computer. So, of course, there were all kinds of chores that I could do instead…anything but, right? I did the dishes in the sink and scrubbed the sink, cleaned the countertops and the stove, cleaned the cutting board, sorted the garbage that was overflowing (but wasn’t actually full), and then went out and burned the cardboard that had piled up in the garage.

I jumped back into Tentacular again for a bit, because procrastination, and then got the table set and stuff ready to make dinner. Finally sat down at the computer and took care of the work I needed to do (well, after wasting a bunch of time messing with HashKings…even the desktop site is janky as hell and you constantly have to refresh).

We had turkey taco salad for dinner and we watched a movie: The Hitman’s Bodyguard with Ryan Reynolds and Selma Hayek and Sam Jackson. Was good and definitely made me laugh a couple times, worth the watch!

Put on some more Queen of the South after that but I was playing Splinterlands, so wasn’t really paying much attention to it. Got ready for bed and had a couple thousand steps left that I cheated to finish.

dShitty has a pandemic today. Wasn’t there a bank robbery yesterday? This really does seem to be exactly like a real city. Don’t all cities constantly have disasters and stuff? 😛 The numbers are still nonsense, but at the end of the day what matters is that I only got six SIM out of the hundreds I should have gotten. 🤬



I actually remembered to go in several times today on Rising Star! Just did some missions, nothing new. Thought I was going to have to switch to lessons already, but the two percent is temporary drunk fans.


I fired up the computer today to do some schoolwork and figured I’d better take the opportunity to be distracted from the work I was trying to do to take care of this HashKings mess. My plants were almost dead, but I got them harvested in time and replanted. I just did them both at the same time since it’s already enough of a pain in the ass to do anything, I don’t want to have to do it on multiple days.

I also took the opportunity to smoke the joint that I had from before and bought five more. It takes forever for the transaction to complete, so I was long bored and done with it and working before they came through…now five joints just sitting there. 😡

I guess they did implement the new staking mechanism, been more or less a constant stream of pings from them…now we have the “first tokenized staking” on Hive!!!! Maybe the reason it’s the first is because no one else has done it because it’s stupid. I don’t know, maybe it supposed to be like LP tokens? I don’t get it, you stake my token and I create an entirely other token to give you for staking my other token? Why not a token for having the new token? Why not stake it and have another token representation of the stake of the stake of the token?


In five days I will have to fire up the computer again just to do this:



I started fairly early on my Splinterlands quest today trying not to leave it until late, but it ended up being pretty frustrating and I rage quit for the night.




Got Sneak quest today, which was pretty nice, but the opponents with their OP rented decks are just bullshit. Lost most of the progress I made yesterday, but at least (aside from the piddly DEC) the rewards were alright (got some cards, and even a rare - just going to ignore that a couple were Pelacore Conjurers:


My SPS drop was down even more again today (what’s new) and I lost several hundred dollars worth of value to bring my stake well below five thousand. 🤬 The interest rate continues to collapse as well…still have my doubts. Just staked for the day, though, and still didn’t make any more moves with regard to vouchers…gone in a couple times and thought about it, though. Probably going to pull some more out here soon.

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