Apr. 7, 22: Routine, Errands, Oculus, Web Research, TV, and Games


[Dang it! Almost nine already and I’m only just starting! 😱 I guess I did sleep “late” this morning, but the routine has eaten up the rest of the morning already!]

Bit of a rough night tonight, slept out on the couch 🛋 to get to sleep and avoid being woken up by the snoring in the morning. It was late by the time I finally got to sleep, like ten thirty, and I was up at five thirty anyway for another hour and a half short. I dragged wicked hard, and was seriously considering a nap several times throughout the day, but I fought through it.

Got on with the usual morning routine and was happy to find the BAL was still showing strength. Cryptos in general have been pulling back, but BAL has been on a rocket 🚀 and it even popped over 150% interest there for a little bit! 🤑. I am, of course, still losing insanely hard over on Polygon, but it’s nice to lose a little less for a minute.

I guess besides the usual morning routine today, I did make several moves over on H-E. Had those funds from selling vouchers the other day, and while I was hanging onto to some to be able to recycle THGaming back into the pool, it had been bugging me that they were just sitting there idle and not working for me.

I’m already pretty hard in that pool already, so I looked around a bit (all your eggs in one basket and all that) and settled on PIZZA:ONEUP. Unfortunately, there wasn’t all that much liquidity available on the market, so I didn’t get as much as I had intended, but increased my position by a bit. Took some of what I had left and put it into the DEC:HIVE pool just to try and help with my SPS dropping every day. I do still have a bit of liquid left, trying not to blow my wad all at once, so we’ll see if any opportunities present themselves…been thinking about checking out Exode. 🤔

Worked on my post for the day and ended up getting out to do my errands later than I had hoped again. Had meant to be there right about the time they opened, so that it was done and I’d be back early with the whole day ahead of me, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t get back in time to write a decent post and so just did it. Had to post while I was out (goddamn brofund bot), but I skipped the smoke store and just went to the puffity-puff store and back, which was fairly quick.

At that point I already hit the wall and it wasn’t even lunch time yet. I tried to motivate myself to sit down and work on the website, but I wasn’t successful. I fought the urge to go to bed, though, and wasted my existence in VR instead.

Not sure what possessed me since I have several active games currently going, but I went in and checked if there were any new releases available. There were several, but I’m not even going to try to bother with another flying game…they’re fun, but it does me in.

There was another one: Tentacular, which in remembered seeing Beardo Benjo demo a while back and it totally looked like fun. Couldn’t resist, got it. Played quite a bit of it already, actually (quit out, recharged the battery and then went back in again - it was that fun). The puzzles are pretty simple and relatively short so far, but dealing with the challenge of having massive tentacles for arms and being able to build stuff with magnets 🧲 is totally cool and unique. 👍😁

Like I said, I quit out to recharge the battery, got some lunch, hit the wall wicked, wicked hard again, drank some RedBull, and jumped back in again.

After I quit for the second time, I did have programming on my brain and I spent several hours watching Putty/SSH as well as Linux and Python tutorials. I really think it’s a smart idea to move the hosting over to Privex, but I want to have a clear understanding of the consequences of doing so. Their server comes with Python and beem built in, which is why I was looking into it, and a spent quite a bit of time reading through the beem documentation…man! It’s waaay better than the HiveJS docs (which are a joke)!

Kind of thinking about just getting a Privex server anyway to give it a go and see what hang ups I hit. It seems like using FileZilla and PuTTY might make my local dev environment actually useful when interacting with the server…using FTP through Visual Studio Code was so frustrating that I gave up and have been using the crappy internal Hostgator editor. Would be nice to be able to do the dev work locally.

In the evening I did stop over to Pizza server for Let’s Write Together. I came a bit late, so the main plot points has already been decided, but I threw in a couple of contributions towards the end. A little butthurt, though, seems they didn’t view my participation as valid enough to deserve any credit. 😢 Ah, well, no biggy. It was fun anyway and I did get a couple slices of PIZZA! 🤑

I played (or tried) my Splinterlands quest but when I started looking toward bedtime I still had about twenty-five hundred steps left to go. 😢 No cheating this time, though, I did proper laps around the house to finish out. Went to go to bed, but Wenche was snoring already, so I didn’t even try, just went out and slept on the couch again.

Here we are, right back to maxed out dShitty shittiness. 🤬🤬🤬 Stated income: 0, actual income: 5, out of hundreds, with a little General Crime thrown on top, just to let you know that it could have been slightly less shitty, but math and all that…such utter bullshit.



Did a lesson early on to get my Ego back down to zero on Rising Star and then did a mission later once my energy had recovered. That’s about the same story as it has been for months…I guess I did finally break 100k Starbits (took days to get that last couple thousand), and now looking at doing the same ten-fold? Meh, maybe by the time I’m dead. I am getting closer to the next level, though, whoopee!


Well, HashKings did finally “fix” the site. Exactly as I predicted, twice they told me to clear my cache. That is terrible user experience and complete lack of programming skill (no version control). After now five days, my stats finally updated:


I didn’t even want to deal with it anymore, so just left my harvests, which are now both overdue. 🤬



Went in to do the harvests and replant one of the plots (was going to wait until tomorrow for the other one so they’re staggered again), and I got this:


It’s perhaps a Hivesigner, not HashKings error, but it’s got me basically at the end of my rope. Pretty much completely fed up at this point and starting to hope that I can recover what I’ve had to pay-to-play-to-earn.

I sit down at the computer to work, if I have to use the computer to play this game, then I have to play it when I sit down to work, in which case it becomes a distraction and an impedance. 😡

I mean, I don’t even understand how it’s possible to code a website that is completely invisible to mobile browsers…takes a special kind of failure.

This is what you get through Keychain browser:


This is what you get through HiveWallet browser:


Seems like they must be actively serving a blank page. 🤷

I played my Splinterlands quest late again today and it suuuuuuuuucked! I got Snipe quest, but wasn’t having it, so I switched up and got Death instead. I knew it would be a bit of a pain, but it was a lot of a pain. Got on a wicked losing streak, got completely pissed off, and rage quit for the night. I did go back in and finish it out, but it wiped a lot of progress.




Got the quest done still in Gold I and was disappointed at best with the rewards. I did get a couple rare, so that was cool, but in what sense is 1 DEC a legit reward? I thought they discontinued their BSC orgasming of DEC so that the reward pool would be bigger for players? 🤷 It ain’t.


Staked up my SPS drop which fell by yet another one today. 🤬🤬 Between the interest rate falling off and the drop declining every day, I’ve gone from around two hundred a day to one hundred a day. 😡 And, despite that seeming like a nice chunk of money every day, it only just barely stays stable in value…still wondering if I should have taken the value out of them when I had the chance…time will tell. Otherwise, no more moves with vouchers today, still taking care of the funds from the last sale.

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#TripleTen Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 7

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#DoubleDay Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 37

Highest Floors: 120

Highest Daily Steps: 41,528

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Productivity: 78%


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