Aug. 10, 22: Routine, Walking, Oculus, Web Work, TV, and Games


[Gosh darn it! Between still not having the materials I need to plan for Fall and realizing that the house insurance is fucked again and they’re trying to charge me a hundred bucks because their autopay system is messed up, I’ve been at max stress (tummy going crazy on the roller coaster and all tense) since I woke up this morning. I have my weekly errands to run as well as an exercise to get in, so my desire to sit and type out a long post about my day is, at the moment, minimal. I’ve got the skeleton done, but I’m probably going to phone it in for now and edit later assuming I can muster the desire.]

Well, I guess I’m going for it again anyway…

Got to bed fairly late again last night, about quarter past nine, which is much better; more at an adult bedtime. 😜 Made it all the way until six, but I was kinda’ stressing a bit in my sleep and woke up quite a few times. Even so, only ended up about half an hour short and didn’t drag too badly during the day.

I was sort of reflecting on the fact that I nibble on candy and snacks while we watch TV. That’s one thing, but I was thinking maybe I shouldn’t be all that surprised that my sleep is shallow after consuming all that sugar. 😒 I’m going to try and be a bit more mindful about that and see if my sleep improves any further.

Can’t really think of anything too remarkable about the morning routine. It was routine. My stress level was higher than it really needed to be, but I seem to be having some difficulty keeping the anxiety under control, and I was already pretty burnt by the time it came to work on my post. Like today’s, I really didn’t want to do it, but ended up working on it anyway…not bad, like thirteen hundred words in the end.

One good thing is: it seems to be going without question that I’m heading out for a walk or a run after I get my post done. I did a Zombierun yesterday and didn’t take the dog, so today I did take him and we went at a leisurely pace again.




Pretty nice summer day, without question. 😁 Warm, but the puffy clouds kept it from being blazing hot in the sunshine.


Dude was being a bit of a booger at the beginning of the walk and wanted to stop and sniff at literally every tree and post we passed (and even some twigs that had fallen), but once we got over to the trail I let him off the leash and he was happy to run around and sniff at his own pace…he has been being very good about staying close and listening…I’m having to worry less about keeping such a close eye on him. When we see any other dogs, he stops in his tracks and waits for me to put the leash on. 👍😁


I saw a couple bugs here and there, but mostly just the swarms of little black beetles…this one sounded like a friggin’ helicopter, though! Big ol’ beetle 🪲 flying around:


The pond was actually pretty quiet today. I saw one turtle 🐢 jump in the water when I went by, but that was it and only a couple of dragonflies. Not sure what was up, maybe still too early?


Got back, got a shower and some lunch, and then jumped into VR for a bit. Still playing through Shock Troops. For ten bucks, there’s not much to complain about, but the AI does leave a little to be desired…kinda’ just have to get them to get stuck behind a rock or something and then pwn them. It’s alright, though, and definitely tickles that Doom nostalgia.

Quit out and started feeling really guilty about how late it had gotten already and I hadn’t done any work (although I did also do some more studying double and triple integrals trying to get ready for Calc III), and there’s really only one way to fix that: get to work, and I did! 🤓

Amazingly, I got the jsonwebtoken to work almost on the first go! It worked, but I just needed to encode an object rather than a string and it worked perfectly.

I think, for now, I’m going to leave it as it is. I may need to write the JWT to the database and check against it, but it’s in an httpOnly cookie, so it should be safe (famous last words 😛). I got it to redirect as well, so it doesn’t sit there on the login page, it takes you to your profile. It still kind of bothers me, to be honest, so I may end up going for the overkill anyway, but for now I’m calling the login function good and moving on to the Profile page. (Kind of thinking of tackling the transfer function next, though, we’ll see.)

When Wenche got home she made us pasta and meat sauce for dinner and we chilled and watched some more Solar Opposites in the evening. I played some WombPlay games and got my daily tasks done (working toward another NFT), but only thought about playing Splinterlands (and didn’t).

Woah! I don’t believe it!!! My stated dShitty income is actually positive and I had a real income of something other than eleven SIM! 😲 Mr. Moneybags over here!! 🤑😛



Only ran one mission on Rising Star today and now got a bunch of drunk fans messing with my Ego. For now I’m just sticking with missions until they expire and I can see what my Ego actually is.


Whaddayno? It’s finally harvest time on HashKings. I did work at the computer today and I took a second to put in a Raid team. Got a few BUDS for it, I suppose. We’ll see how long it sits before I go in and get everything reset.




I swapped out some SPS for HIVE, so that helped to get a little more liquid, but otherwise I had no desire to bother with Splinterlands today.


I got my Focus rewards from playing yesterday and, relatively speaking, didn’t do too bad; got two rare:


Still sitting on the vouchers I moved out a while back. Just seems like when I put in the sale order to see how much HIVE I’d get from making the trade it’s disappointingly low…like I feel I’m somehow better off just hanging onto them, plus it’s not really all that much fun when all you’re doing with the funds is buying back your own damn token. 😡

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