Dec. 16, 21: Routine, Early Final Exam, Errands, Grading, and Games



[Been working on getting my grades done and submitted since I got up this morning and been going more or less full blast the whole week, so kinda’ not feeling it today…thinking I might phone it in a bit, my brain is already going on vacation, but I’m likely to edit later since I don’t really have a good excuse not to and I hate to leave it a shitpost.]

Got up shortly after five today, and while FitBit says I was forty minutes short, I’m going to call it close enough. Woke up with the day on my mind right out the gate, but at least I had everything ready for class.

Did the usual morning stuff and was bored to find cryptos still just languishing in the same place, trading sideways. We did see fractional green, which is better than the alternative, but nothing major.

Hit a little bit of traffic on the way in to work, but not too bad, and I was there about ten minutes early. Luckily, it didn’t take them much longer than class time for everyone to finish. Unfortunately, they really weren’t as good as I would have expected and several students who never showed made me grade their nonsense shitwork…maybe they thought they’d get the blue ribbon for showing up?

During the proctoring time I did some more work on my grades for the other class and then…drumroll…I actually worked on the website!!! I’m still not able to get the CSS to work right (what I was wrestling with before), but I did (I think) get HiveJS enqueued…it did show up as a script tag in the HTML, but I haven’t tried to use it yet. That will be a major advance, though, getting the chain IO up and running!!!! I have a couple weeks of break ahead and not much desire to work on the car, so hopefully I can keep my motivation going and get some solid stuff done.

Got home about on time and grabbed a quick sandwich. I hadn’t done any Christmas shopping for the wife (and had not even the slightest idea of what to get) and she’s leaving for Norway on Saturday, so we’re doing dinner with Mom tomorrow. That meant crunch time and I needed to go to the puffity-puff store and the smoke shop anyway.

I wandered around aimlessly in the mall looking for inspiration and I did end up settling on a couple things…I’m not super happy with it (not as thoughtful as I’d like), but it is what it is…she kinda’ skipped my birthday this year anyway (naughty 😛). 🤣

After I got home I started working on grading the finals. They were definitely a lot rougher than the Calc I finals and took me quite a while to dig through. A couple students did really well and one even got a hundred. 💪 A couple failed miserably (like five points in total) and were disappointing to see. Even so, there was only two students that ended with a final grade below an A and none that failed (although I think a couple really should have).

I had a quick bowl of cereal for dinner and got back to work again. It was just about pushing bedtime when I finished and I still had 3500 steps left for the day, so I got ready for bed and marched in place to finish watching a little Inside Job before falling asleep. Still have to enter the final exam grades into my grade book and then report them officially and the semester is done and it’s break time! 💪

[Well, not totally up to par with my usual posts, but not shamefully short either, so considering I just want to zone out right now, I’m pretty happy]

Shopping mall robbery again and riots on top of insane taxation…I wonder why dShitty is shitty again? Oh, maybe it’s all the excuses not to pay out what it’s supposed to? 🤷



CryptoSuckmaster sucks because it turned play-to-earn into pay-to-play. That is all.

Only think I did one mission on Rising Star today, just too busy to even think much about it.


Well, now I’ve lost yet another daily quest and am still stuck crippled in Silver. 🤬 By the time I stopped grading I had laps to finish before bedtime and I had zero desire to add more stress on top, so I didn’t play at all.


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