Feb. 2, 23: Routine, Teaching, Errands, TV, and Games


It was already past bedtime when I got back from taking Wenche to the airport last night and I pretty much just got ready for bed, put on some Letterkenny, and zonked out shortly after nine. I was up around two or so 'cus I had to pee, and the dog got me up a little earlier than I would have liked wanting to go out, but I still got a solid eoght hours for the night. 👍

Seems like I've been up around five quite frequently recently, which gives me a good chunk of time in the morning to do my usual routine, but things still seem to slip through the cracks here and there and I'm behind on a couple Solairitas things that need to be taken care of (not to mention getting the wallet properly cleaned up again). Nevertheless, did most of the morning stuff: curation, emails, Discord pings, thought about what to cover in Calculus class today, and checked on the crypto markets.


Looking really nice today with some solid greens! 🤑 I guess the markets liked that they got the twenty-five basis point rate hike that they were expecting.

That really nice pop in MATIC made me curious to check on my Polygon investment, but I was very disappointed to find that I couldn't connect my wallet to classic.aave.com (where it shows the balance in ETH) and even though I was accessing it through the Metamask browser, it said there was no web wallet found. 🤬🤬

That set in a bit of a panic, but I did get into the regular Aave site and was able to find and verify my balances. However, I was further frustrated and stressed to find that they're doing some kind of version migration bullshit and I'm going to have to take the risk of migrating for whatever that means. Thinking I may just finally say "fuck it" and get out (which I should have done ages ago, actually).

Got to work on my post and got it done around ten to eight and scheduled it to post during class, hopped in the shower, and then got everything set up. Last class we'd started playing with evaluating limits of difference quotients (which is doing the derivative), so today I made it formal and we defined the derivative and used the definition to derive some of the basic rules.

My goal for today was for us to be able to take the derivative of any polynomial function. It takes like four or five rules to be able to get them all, but they're mostly just really basic, easy proofs. We did prove the power rule today, though, which is a pretty nasty one, but we made it through and achieved our goal for the class.

We finished up about on time, maybe a few minutes early and I got my lunch and killed a little time before I headed in for the second class.

I left a bit early to stop by the ATM in preparation for running errands after work and to hit the Dollar General and grab some batteries for my calculator. I got the cash, but totally forgot to get the batteries and didn't realize it until about three quarters the way there. 🥴😡

Otherwise, the drive was fairly smooth with the exception of a crew in the middle of the road "fixing" the potholes, which is to say, dumping a shovel full of tar covered stones in the hole and letting our cars be the steamrollers...meanwhile all that shite is kicked up at our cars and windshields and at the end there's a partly filled hole left. 🤬

Today we looked at the last integration skill and the last section before the exam. We have an extra class of leeway on the schedule, so I think next class we'll just practice stuff and not cover any new material. Anyway, it was the method of partial fractions today...gets pretty involved with the Algebra, for sure! Luckily, one of the students had an extra set of batteries that she let me use for the class. 😃👍

Finished up on time, helped a student afterwards with a calculator question, and then headed home. Today was Thursday, of course, so I cruised past the exit and headed in to the smoke store and the puffity-puff store. There's a Dollar General right there by the smoke store, so I stopped in there and got some AAA's like I shoulda' done earlier.

Got back home around four thirty or so and got my comfy clothes on and tried to pin down something to eat for dinner. I saw that there was still a big raw chicken breast leftover in the fridge from a couple days ago and figured it best to use it up, so I made pasta and fried up chicken and bacon. 🥓😋

Pretty much just chilled out otherwise and watched some YouTube videos, worked on the WombPlay challenges after the reset, and watched a few episodes (well, went back and watched because I'd fallen asleep) of Letterkenny before bedtime.

Can I blame the yet further decline in my Splinterlands rental income on the increase in the price of HIVE? I'm gonna' just do that 'cus some sort of rationalization would make me feel better about a whopping eighty cents less fees for the day. 😡

Screenshot_20230203_062013_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Claimed my SPS interest, paid the fee with it, and staked the rest. That's three or four days now that I've been staking, so time to start saving to swap some out again. I checked on my vouchers as well, but didn't think I really had enough to move out yet.

Bro. Seriously, bro? WTF dShitty, just WTF?!?!


Pretty sure I went in twice on Rising Star, but don't quote me on that. For sure, I did have nonzero Ego and ran a lesson; I think I ran another after that, but dunno for sure. Either way, it's still going to be forever and a day before anything else happens with this.

Screenshot_20230203_061309_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

My HashKings BUDS balance went up by like ten or something, so I figured it was worth going in and taking a whole new picture this time. 😝


Woot! The forty I moved out were back up above two HIVE today, so that helps a little. Otherwise staked the rest, as usual. Still not sure what my end-game is here, but for now I'm sticking with the masterful "hang onto your bags and never sell, that way you never lose" strategy (though I'm really not losing anything on this one no matter which way you cut it; its all gravy 😃).

Screenshot_20230203_061421_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Still kinda' itching, but haven't made any more moves with WOO just lately. Got my daily stake and delegation rewards staked up as well as the bit from the airdrop (though still no mining rewards), but not sure what my next move is; maybe try and snag some more off the market. 🤔

Screenshot_20230203_061449_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Since we had a bit of a miscommunication about the PIMP meeting the other day and PowerPaul did his presentation later, I'd missed the first half. Luckily, he was smart and recorded everything, so I got a chance to go back and watch it. I was really impressed and started getting all kinds of ideas of how to incorporate Solairitas in the game.

I realized that that's kind of the point of SQM (I'd mostly just grabbed a couple for the CCPower boost), so thinking I'm going to try and snag some more for the Project...would be cool to have it in there, both for advertising purposes as well as maybe funding it somehow so members can mine some tokens by stopping by for a visit. 🌞☀️

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