Jan. 12, 23: Routine, Teaching, TV, and Games


[Hrm, seven fifteen is a pretty late start on a post 😜 at least relatively speaking. Hopefully three hours will be enough, although I taught all day today (there post over 🀣).]

Fell asleep around eight thirty last night and though it seems like I had a kind of rough night (was for sure awake at least three times), I got up about five thirty for what my watch says was nearly nine hours! 😯πŸ₯³ I guess I didn't feel too tired, so I'm inclined to believe it, but I'm still a little dubious.

Got up thinking about needing to get my post done before class, and I did alright, but I really need to remember to get as much of a head start as possible the night before so it's not so stressful those mornings. Otherwise, did the usual morning stuff but still need to get caught up with SOL sales.

My tummy has been kinda' giving me some trouble the past couple days, and without being too graphic, there's quite a bit of blood...worrying me some (which doesn't help settle the tummy 😜) so I had to knock my health score down. [It's not so great at the moment either. 😒]

Checked on the crypto markets and look at that green, baby! I'm so scared to have hope that we're seeing an actual turnaround, but we've been moving on a nice trajectory for several days now. πŸ˜πŸ€‘


ETH has popped as well, so my alts on Polygon are still getting punished (losing .54 ETH now 😭), meaning I would have that much more had I simply not listened to Ray and done nothing with it. 🀬 I have been trying to make recompense in my mind with Legion, which is making up some of the shortfall, but I'm still not really sure about it. Got one payout from it and they were supposed to be "exponentially bigger" but I haven't seen anything more for a couple weeks. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I'm not terribly worried about that, though, figure it might take some time for it to get going properly.

Got my post done and scheduled to post and then hopped in the shower and got everything set up for the morning virtual Calculus class. We're still just reviewing algebra stuff, but so far the students seem to be saying they're alright with it, so I gave it a little gas and we looked at quadratic functions, factoring, completing the square, and the quadratic formula; reviewed the rules of powers and looked at exponential functions; found the inverse of a linear function and proved they are inverses; and then defined the logarithm...Definitely a lot of ground to cover! Hopefully, though, we can get through the review stuff a little quicker than scheduled and get into the fun new stuff. πŸ€“

Finished class on time and got myself some lunch and killed a bit of time before heading in. The drive was no problem and I was set up and ready to go about fifteen minutes early.

Today we started into further applying the integral. Last class we used it to find the area between two curves and today we used it to build up volumes. We started with the definition of Pi, from there we get the circumference; with the circumference we built the area of a circle; then with the area of the circle we built a cylinder (disk) and with the circumference we built the lateral surface area of a cylinder. With disks and cylindrical shells, we can build any other solid of revolution.

I'm always worried that throwing two methods at them at once is overwhelming, but I think they're better off in the long run walking through the thought process of how to solve them (we're doing every problem both ways for practice as well as to see how one way is usually easier than the other) and we'll still spend two full classes practicing as we would have had we done them separately.

I did remember to grab some cash on the way into work, so instead of going straight home after work I continued into town and got my weekly errands done to the puffity-puff store and the smoke store...felt good to put on my comfy clothes when I got home and be done for the week (first week of the semester went pretty darn smoothly 😁).

Had a little time before Wenche was done with work and I watched some criminal psychology interrogation videos...been trying to not be so addicted to watching those, but they just keep coming up in my feed and I can't help myself. πŸ˜†

Once she got finished with work, she made us some fried eggs and bacon πŸ₯“ and toast for dinner and we watched Weird World (or Strange World, I think it was "weird") on Disney, and it was quite good. 😁

After the movie finished we got ready for bed and put on some Letterkenny until bedtime. I guess there was another season that I didn't realize. πŸ˜€

[Hey, not bad! Quarter to ten and pushing fifteen hundred words...not a bad start. Want to try and get a run in today, but I should really try to focus and work on the website.]

Dude! dShitty is just begging to get relegated to the "other games" section of my posts rather than having its own (and the first to boot).

I've kept with it all this time (although mostly just complaining for the last year or two) figuring having faith through growing pains is how you make money in the long run, but again, a "play-to-earn" game where you literally earn nothing kinda' defeats the whole thing.


Ah, token dust, you make it all worthwhile. πŸ˜›


Well, it did actually take a surprisingly long time, but my Ego was once again nonzero on Rising Star so I switched to a lesson to get it back down.

Screenshot_20230113_063236_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Today's Splinterlands rental income was identical to yesterday's. Got a dollar eleven, minus ten percent, for ultimately less than a dollar. Not so awesome, but again better than nothing (caugh dShitty caugh).

Screenshot_20230113_063450_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Did my normal interest claim and paid the rental fee. For now I've left it liquid saving up to swap out...still have half of the DEC I pulled out the other day left as well. Spent quite a bit on PIZZA (staked two hundred more today, so Baron on PPUD in a couple days) and thinking about WOO, so I guess I have a few things I'd already like to spend it on.

Very much considering just forgetting about this (as if I haven't, more or less, already just forgotten about it 😝)...maybe if I were to dump off enough to recover my original investment I wouldn't resent this so much...VFT anyone?


To be honest, I feel a bit foolish for staking all this...came up in our Pimp meeting the other day and it seemed the unanimous concensus was: instadump.

I missed the opportunity to really extract any value almost immediately, so it seemed to me that trying to be patient was really my only option...but I realized that by doing that I'm speculating on the future price of a token that people already don't seem to want all that much. πŸ₯΄ It's all coming from my SPS stake anyway, though, so it's gravy regardless.

Screenshot_20230113_062715_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Not sure what happened the last couple days, but it looks like my stake rewards are back in line. 😁 No mining rewards today and I don't think I got any from anywhere else...but it's definitely nagging at me to go into this harder somehow.

Screenshot_20230113_062545_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Of course, I like the notion of passive earnings from land, but I just didn't think I could compete with some of these other guys who have gone in hard and already have their check-books out and ready...sounds like I might be able to get into the Cartel pool, though (not sure if I hold enough Cartel or not) so I've been thinking of maybe trying to get a little. πŸ€”

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