Jan. 19, 23: Routine, Teaching, Errands, TV, and Games


While I'm not absolutely certain, I'm pretty sure that I actually made it through the whole night in bed. I remember waking up and hearing the cat going out the garage door, but not sure where I was...either way, got to bed around eight thirty and was up at six for a good nine and a half hours. 👍 Somehow I'm a bit dubious of that number (coming from the watch), but good enough; got my eight hours for sure. 😁

I was kind of kicking myself when I got up since I hadn't really properly started on my post the night before as I should have done, and I had to rush the morning routine a little bit to try and get my post done before I needed to get ready for work.

As I said yesterday, nothing goes straight up or down, and some market red was to be expected. I will admit that the numbers were a bit bigger than I had hoped for, but I guess the market was reacting to the DOJ's "crypto crackdown" announcement.

Apparently, they've gone after some obscure exchange in China for money laundering; yeah they "dealt a significant blow to the crypto crime ecosystem." 🤣


It had been a couple days since I checked my alts on Polygon, so I made the mistake of going in this morning...ETH has been popping and I thought MATIC and BAL were doing relatively well, but looking at currently losing .6 ETH...doubly hurts since my whole intention with getting involved with defi over there was to use the interest to passively build Solairitas...so much for that. 🤬

Otherwise, I mostly just worked on my post. I did a little token shifting and stuff, but not properly. There's SOL ☀️ sales I need to take care of as well (and I realized it's been a fricking year since I actually did an update post. 😱 Time flies, but thats terrible, need to get on with that for real).

Got a fairly decent post done and scheduled and jumped in the shower and got set up for Calculus class. I had been feeling like I might be going a little fast (even though it should be review) and a student put a question in the Discord which gave me a perfect excuse to slow down and back up a little.

I'd realized toward the end of last class as well that we hadn't talked about rational functions and so we spent some time looking at those (though I got to introduce "end behavior" into that discussion and so got to talk a bit about infinite limits, two birds with one stone 🤓😃) and we even ran a quick example of polynomial long division.

After that we talked about some more trig stuff, like the inverse functions (domain and range), some composite trig functions, and a little practice with solving trigonometric equations. So, that was good, we spent the bulk of class doing some more skills and knowledge brush up.

We had about a half an hour or so left toward the end of class, so we moved ahead a little further with how to evaluate limits. For today, though I hate to do it, I just gave them the rules without any proof. For now I just want to start building the basic evaluation skills and maybe we'll go back and prove some, if not all, of them by definition later on.

Finished up with the morning class right about on time and then got my lunch and got everything together to head in to face-to-face class. I got out the door right on time (a few minutes earlier than usual) and grabbed some cash from the ATM so I could hit up my errands on the way back home.

Still got there with plenty of time to spare and was good to go at least ten, maybe fifteen minutes early. Had a couple quick questions before class, but they turned out to be just simple mistakes, and then got going with deriving "ds" (with respect to the surface) and using the integral to find arclength and surface area.

It is a bit frustrating doing these problems at this point because we really have to cherry-pick functions so as not to get completely stuck. Later, in a few classes from now, we'll have am entirely different skill for approaching them when we get stuck, but for now it's a shitton of algebra trying to get out from under a square-root.

That is how we approach those problems, though. Set them up, see the nastiness you're faced with, try and u-sub, if not try every algebra trickery you can think of to simply or get a perfect square or anything, and if that doesn't work, then we'll look to do a trigonometric substitution. Today we just saw the sucky algebra part.

Finished up with class just a couple minutes over and then clarified a couple questions and headed out. The drive back was smooth and I got to the AT&T store around four or so. That was the last major step of the phone transition and the last big todo in my email inbox, so feels good to have gotten that taken care of. 😃 Hit the puffity-puff store and the smoke store and then headed back home.

Only had a half hour, twenty minutes before Wenche was done with work, so pretty much just had a smoke, got into my comfy clothes, and played a little tug with the dog.

When she finished with work, she made us an omelet for dinner and we binged the new That 90's Show on Netflix...I think we watched the entire season, to be honest. Was fun, but went quick! 🤣

Otherwise worked on my WombPlay challenges after the daily reset (still thinking I'm probably not going to get the next season pass, but feel like I'll somehow regret it...only got like a dollar for clicking buttons for a month, plus a couple NFT packs worth a couple dollars, but paid like $18 for the pleasure; kind of dumb) and then fell asleep watching the tube.

Oh, yeah, one thing I've been meaning to mention is how fricking harsh the new watch is as far as step count. 😭 I mean, four and a half hours of teaching today would have easily given me fifteen thousand steps with the FitBit, but it wasn't even close, not even 7500. 🤯😡 Still finished out my steps for the day, though.

Well, grrr. My Splinterlands rental income continues to languish below a dollar. 😢 Maybe if I understood why it's fallen so hard that would take the sting off? Nah, not really. 😛

Screenshot_20230120_064622_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Did the usual interest claim and paid the rental fee. Still saving up to swap out, but got a day or two left.

So, hooray? They paid out something, at least. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I spawned a brand new NFT! Yay!!! It directly reduces my income by one, whoopee! 🥴 (hardcore sarcasm, if that isn't clear)


Not sure what I was doing on Keychain, something or other, but I actually remembered to check back on Rising Star. I had one percent Ego, so ran a lesson, and I'm back to slogging missions again until kingdom come (or my Ego starts rising, whichever comes first).

Screenshot_20230120_064802_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

I think I got a couple more BUDS from pools or divvies somewhere, but can't be bothered to take a whole other screenshot.


As I said, I inexplicably felt guilty selling off the GLX that's coming in, but I still pulled out twenty and staked the rest. Thinking of staking half and selling half; that seems like a reasonable balance, just trying to rebuild my liquid HIVE some.

Screenshot_20230120_064409_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

To be completely honest, I still don't have my brain wrapped around how the cities/events are going to work, but good things come to those who wait, right? I suppose it will be easy enough to see how it works once it works.

My stake rewards are staying pretty stable around thirty now (and my mining rewards are still stable at zero 😜), but I'm still digging the delegation boost to my stake. Despite my unclarities, I'm still looking to snag some packs here, if possible, to get some airdrop income going as well.

Screenshot_20230120_064648_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

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