Jan. 26, 23: Routine, Teaching, Errands, TV, and Games



[Well, at least the other photo editor will let me actually upload the photos, but it's a bit limited by comparison. I get only a small selection of colors (can't match a color in the picture) and no choice of font at all. Guess I just have to deal, otherwise my cover photos will just be broken links. 😢 Screenshots load alright, but that's because I do the cropping and everything before it's saved...the issue is with editing images after they've been saved.😡]

While I did make it through the whole night in bed last night, I was woken up several times. Even so, made it from about nine until five coming in over my eight hour goal. 😃👍

I was still up early enough that I could get a solid start on the morning routine and I'd done some work on my post yesterday (fighting with the photo editor that I still can't get to work), so it wasn't too bad just working on the text.

Did all the usual morning stuff and checked on the crypto markets. Was pleased to see some more greens again, and even more so to see MATIC pop more than ETH (although it had fallen more as well)...bought at around these levels, $1.05 sticks in my mind, but again it's more about the ratio to ETH than the USD value for me.


HIVE still seems to be dragging, though...shouldn't we be closer to fifty cents now? Painful to have to hope for fifty cents, makes you wonder, what is keeping the price suppressed? Blame the whales or HBD stabilizer, probably, or Kerean pump and dumps? I don't know. With the supposed popularity of Splinterlands you'd think we'd be better off.

Anyway, got to work on my post for the day, and although all I really did the whole day was work on my post and get/install a new whiteboard, it was enough of a saga that I ended with an epic 1600 word post. 💪

Got that done and scheduled to post with a few minutes to spare before I needed to get ready for work and I spent some time (earlier as well) working through proofs for class today.

Got my shower, got set up for class, and was pretty pleased with the new board. Only one student said anything "nice whiteboard," but I'm sure it has to be a hell of a lot easier to see.

Today the goal was to use the epsilon-delta, formal definition of the limit to prove all of the limit rules that I'd just thrown at them before so we could play around with evaluation and start to get an idea of what's going on.

Doing those proofs is pretty tough stuff and that was the only thing I'd planned to cover today, so once we went through them all (and I even showed them the triangle inequality and the process of mathematical induction), I ended the class about twenty minutes early.

Like I said, it's rough stuff, but now that the rules are actually proven we can take them for granted as fact; and since we'd achieved our goal, I figured they'd earned it (and me too). 🤓

Can't say I particularly did anything productive for those extra twenty minutes, but I did brush up on my skills a bit for afternoon class, so I suppose that counts. Otherwise, just got my lunch and got stuff ready to go.

Hit the ATM and then headed in. The drive was fine, though I did end up getting on the road about ten minutes late somehow, and I was there with about ten minutes to spare before class.

Today we looked at another new skill for addressing integrating products where the problem involves powers or products of powers of trigonometric functions. We looked at how the strategy works and the two exceptions (odd powers of secant we do by parts and only even powers of sine and cosine we use trigonometric identities like power reduction and double angle, otherwise always trying to u-sub).

We covered a bunch of examples, to the point that I couldn't think of any more that we hadn't already done an example of, so I let them go early as well. Had a few students stay after and I helped them out with some homework questions and ended up heading out right about usual time anyway.

No problem on the drive home and I went past the house and into town the other side to take care of my weekly errands to the smoke store and the puffity-puff store. (Wow! Autocomplete got that whole sentence correct from "weekly" on. 😯 Guess I repeat myself. 😂)

Got back and got my comfy clothes on and grabbed an early dinner of a leftover piece of pizza since Wenche was heading out for "girls night" down at the local bar.

I watched some criminal interrogation videos and then put on a movie, something like: Me versus Myself...about a guy who discovers time travel and travels back to make himself not invent time travel because his life turns out miserable. I was intrigued by the premise, but it turned out to be much more of a drama sort of thing than I had expected. I think I was awake when Wenche got home, but only just barely, and I crashed before the movie was over. 😢 Got to go back and see how it ends.

Wow! Has to have been at least two or three weeks since I've seen this much Splinterlands rental income; popped over two bucks, for once, topping out at two dollars and ten cents. Though it hasn't really added up to all that much since the last time I pulled out the DEC, I'm kinda' thinking I should again just to feel like I'm actually making something from it.

Screenshot_20230127_060235_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Oh? dShitty income actually went up?! Woot! Four more SIM puts some extra gas in the jet. (Like .0000000001 gallons) 🤪


Once again, I actually remembered to go in twice on Rising Star today. Not only that, my Ego was still zero, so I was able to bust out an extra mission. Still keeping on, only like 15k Starbits until I'm half way to millionaire. 🥴

Screenshot_20230127_055145_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

What's that saying about if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? Shame on HashKings for making me break that rule. 😝


Been doing the same swap out forty and stake the rest for several days now. Started off around three HIVE and just kept creeping...was only two and a half today. 😢 Still, money for nothing and my chicks for free.

Screenshot_20230127_055711_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Dunno what my deal is, but still got an itch for WOO. I have been able to build up a bit more liquid HIVE, so I swapped and staked ten more HIVE worth today. It was fairly late in the day, so I have a little bit more benefit from it now, but will see a bigger boost tomorrow, hopefully.

Screenshot_20230127_055603_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Otherwise, still no mining rewards (gotten about two thousand lifetime, though) and claimed the four or so from the airdrop as well.

Kinda' been considering grabbing a few more alpha packs, but the airdrop return is just so low...seems I'm better off just straight staking WOO. 🤔

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