Jan. 5, 23: Routine, Errands, Chores, Running, TV, and Games


Wow! For once I got a solid night's sleep. Made it from ten to seven for a whopping nine full hours. πŸ₯³ Outside of getting up and letting the cat out around 3:30, I slept through...and you know what I didn't have? A Red Bull at lunch. Nearly positive that's what's affecting my sleep (besides the animals).

I did the usual morning routine...checked the crypto markets (nothing interesting), did some token shifting and curating and worked on my post. That's definitely starting to get a lot smoother now that I'm getting used to the new platform and I'm spending more time writing and less time struggling with getting stuff ready for the post.

I got wrapped up in dealing with the Ledger almost right away, though, and started getting all anxious about the fact that I have a legacy BTC wallet and the Ledger account is native segwit. I still haven't tried it, but I think it's not going to be a problem and hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of lower transaction fees; kinda' hurts paying like a dollar fifty just to test.

Anyway, I had a bit of trouble trying to get the device to pair with the phone again, but I removed it from the app and paired again and it was fine...sent half the Doge I'd tested yesterday back to H-E and I'm satisfied that I understand how it works and have verified that it does work (just wish it didn't take so long for H-E to actually credit my account after the transaction was confirmed). I think I'm confident enough with it now to actually move everything over, just have to do it.

I mean, I guess I've known the importance of keys since the beginning, but having researched the Ledger the last couple days (trying to make sure I knew how to recover my funds if either the phone or the device itself were lost or damaged before I did anything) and realizing that the devices are more or less ancillary, it's the mnemonic phrase that can recover the device, it finally sank in for real.

I know it's obvious, but it clicked and now that I'm actually going to move funds there, I'm going to get a copy saved in the bank vault just in case.

After I was happy that I'd both recieved and sent coins from my Ledger and that it was properly communicating with the phone and got my post published and shared, I took the dog for a ride into town to run the weekly errands to the smoke store and the puffity-puff store (awesome predictive text actually learned puffity-puff πŸ˜€).

No problems there, just zip there and home. Got back, grabbed my usual turkey sandwich for lunch, and then went to clean the bedsheets...I had a dream that I smelled really bad, turned out it was the pillowcase that really needed cleaning; figured if it was that bad, I should get it done today.

However, when I turned on the kitchen sink to get the water flowing hot, it started filling up. Usually when that happens it's because there's a plastic bag or something blocking the drain, so I moved everything out of the way, but the water was still sitting. OK, if it's not that, then it's the drain plug thing that got twisted...nope! It was properly plugged. 😭

Started out by trying to diagnose the problem. The bathroom sink and tub were flowing fine, so it was either the kitchen sink itself or the drain line in between the kitchen and the main drain (which was good, meant it was more or less isolated). I guess the fat I drained off the manwhich meat the night before was the last straw and clogged it up.

Wasn't too bad, though, a brief plunging and it broke through. I put some Draino down, let it sit, and then ran piping hot water through...seems to be alright now, so being that that issue was taken care of I got the laundry started.

While the machine was running I considered what to do next...was tempted to get a shower, but figured I should earn it properly and headed out for a run first. I decided to go for my usual five kilometer route and try to do it faster than last time to get a new personal record, and I got it! πŸ’ͺ



Screenshot_20230105_144933_adidas Running.jpg

It wasn't as cold as it could have been considering it's January, but it was raining and turned to rain mixed with snow about halfway through. Cold and wet are definitely not my favorite, and I thought about cutting it short, but I'd set that goal for myself and I kept after it...plus three hardcoreness points.



Pretty amazing that we're in the dead of winter and the pond is completely thawed out! 😲


I felt pretty bad (and embarrassed)...while I was running I guess the phone had some rain on it and it shifted around in my pocket and pocket dialed 911. 😱 Ended up getting a call from the sheriff's office...called them back right away to let them know I was ok, but I guess it is good to know that they'd follow up on a call like that. I changed the settings so that the lock screen won't open with double tap any more, hopefully that will prevent it from happening again.

Got my well-earned hot shower after I got back and then finished up with the rest of the bedsheets, cleaned up in the kitchen, swept the floor, did the dishes, and took out the garbage, cardboard, and soda cans.

I'm really starting to feel the pressure of the coming semester (less than a week now) and while there's really only one way to alleviate that, for some reason I'm still procrastinating.

However, though I didn't actually get the job done, I scrubbed the blackboard a couple more times trying to get as much of the chalk off as possible, sanded it down a little, dusted the cobwebs and the chalk on the floor, and then masked the area off with painters tape, so it's set and ready to go for tomorrow. πŸ‘

Was starting to get a bit late by that point and I just made myself the leftover manwhich from yesterday. After that I mostly chillaxed; chatted on Discord a bit and watched some more criminal psychology videos on YouTube.

Got the bed put back together, got myself ready, and watched a couple of episodes of Letterkenny before falling asleep.

[Got an early start today. 😁 Feeling like I'm close to finished and it's only eight thirty (maybe I need to up my word count goal to 1500, seems I'm pretty consistent around there lately)...hopefully I can keep my productivity going and get some of the school prep done that's hanging over my head.]

Yup, once again all dShitty paid today was the token dust. This is so far beyond stupid that I should have dumped out and ditched this section like two years ago. 🀬

I did look at NFTMart again and there is a bulk transfer mechanism, so thinking of just consolidating with Solairitas' since I send it over all the SIM (oh so much 🀣) I get anyway. Not going to make anything any less shitty, though.


Well, broke my streak and only went in on Rising Star once today, not that it really matters much either way. I ran a lesson to get my Ego back to zero and now continuing with missions.

Screenshot_20230106_063009_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Unfortunately, I can't say that my Splinterlands rental income wasn't disappointing again today. Same as yesterday, $1.1. 😑 I still feel like there's some setting they tweaked or I don't have set properly, but I have no idea even where to start considering it's supposed to be one-click automatic, but it could just be Splinterlands fault (tanking tokens) and not splex. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Screenshot_20230106_065356_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Claimed my SPS interest and paid the rental fee as usual. My liquid balance is up over a hundred now, so thinking it's about time to swap some out. Not really considered swapping the DEC yet (or vouchers) but that's kind of tickling at me again now.

Starting to feel like HashKings isn't even deserving of being relegated to this section...gets boring saying nothing changed every day.


Did the normal claim and stake again on Genesis League...wen GLX-B? πŸ˜›

Screenshot_20230106_063607_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Late claim yesterday and early claim today makes my stake rewards balance fluctuate, but still right around fifteen. No mining rewards, but I did stake up some more that I got from airdrops. πŸ€‘

Screenshot_20230106_063625_Hive Keychain-beta.jpg

Average Last 7 Days: 11,411

Lifetime Average: 14,560


10k per Day Streak: 88


Longest Streak: 204

Distance on shoes: 1276.00 km
Distance on hikers: 67.07 km

#AutomaticWin Tally: 425
#AutomaticWin Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 53

#TripleTen Tally: 118
#TripleTen Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 7

#DoubleDay Tally: 236
#DoubleDay Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 37

Highest Floors: 120

Highest Daily Steps: 41,528

Zombies evaded: 0/0

Mindfulness Diary:

Health: 89%
Satisfaction: 87%
Energy: 89%
Productivity: 87%




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