Nov. 16, 21: Routine, Early Teaching, Garage Putzing, Leaf Blowing, and Games


I did sleep fairly well tonight and was only about half an hour short, but I guess being so short (hours) again yesterday is hitting me already and I dragged so hard in the afternoon that I nearly fell asleep sitting up!

Got on with the morning routine and was shocked to see an utter bloodbath in the crypto markets…pretty much everything in red and even moreso in double digits! I’m not too worried about it, though, I have a feeling it might be a last shakeout before a solid run; at least, that’s what I (and everyone else) hope.

HIVE pumped yesterday and, as expected, got immediately dumped on, but it still held on to some of its gains…today it popped again! Even more amazing being contrarian to the sea of red everywhere else!!!


Seems like it wants to go bullish despite all whale attempts to the contrary and has tested into these ranges several times now. Even though we did get immediately dumped on again (of course), so far we’ve held even more of those gains and seem to have support around a dollar or so. We may have finally broken the peg to $.8, but time will tell, and I’m not holding my breath.

I was kinda’ pleased that for the first time ever I’m in the money on my HIVE investment. I started buying STEEM at around $1.08 and then pretty much all the way down to $.15. To be fair, it does average out lower, but being above $1.08 means I’m making bank now on all of it, which is a bonus (not to mention “interest” and curation 🤑).

Tried to do some more research about the Model A brakes and that whole nightmare that I’ve gotten myself into and then realized that I was running short on time before I needed to head in for work. Quick did my best to get the basics of my post done and scheduled and then got ready to go.

The drive in was a little rough. The highway was closed down to one lane, so hit the backup. People weren’t being assholes, though, and we didn’t have to stop, just a slow roll and we got past it. It did eat into my buffer time, but I was still early for class.

We covered some pretty tough stuff today, doing arclength and surface area (applying calculus) for polar functions. We covered quite a few examples, even one that put us through the paces of basically every skill we’ve learned this semester! 🤓

The drive home went much smoother and I snagged a sandwich for lunch, as usual. It was at this point that it hit me like a ton of bricks and I started to drag wicked hard. I really didn’t want to waste the rest of the day, which (amazingly) included playing Oculus, so I forced myself to get out into the garage at least.

I tried to see if I can find replacement brakes for the car, but from what I can see I’m pretty much stuck with the hydraulics. 😢. I did some research and watched some tutorials on YouTube now that I’m faced with trying to troubleshoot and repair hydraulic brakes.

Got down and dirty under the car and got a sense of where everything is…figured I can start by putting fluid in it, bleeding the lines, and looking for any leaks. The wheel cylinders (at least in the front - the ones I can see right now) appear to be ok…the rubber still seems fine, but they are badly corroded, so I’m not sure about them either.

The master cylinder looks rusted as hell and is leaking almost surely. I do suppose that replacing the master cylinder will be less expensive than redoing all the brakes back to original (which I don’t think I can even do since they require an exchange and mine are wrong!), but the nightmare didn’t end there.

While it should be simple enough to bleed the lines, they’ve bolted the master cylinder under the body/frame so it’s basically impossible to get to to fill it with fluid! 😢🤬😡😭 I started to get really frustrated and upset and sick to my stomach about it, so I called Mom and vented about it for a while and then went back outside to blow the leaves off the lawn (which needed doing now that the leaves have finally come down).

I got most of the job done, but lost light and Wenche came home and started making us turkey tacos for dinner and after refilling the gas the blower wouldn’t fucking start…so I quit with this weird section out front all full of leaves and the rest cleared.

Not only do I not have the satisfaction of having set a task for myself and completing it, now I have the anger and frustration with the blower itself to face. 🤬

Anyway, we chilled and watched some more Happy Endings on the tube and I played my Splinterlands quest for the day before bedtime.

Well, dShitty, forty-one isn’t forty-four, but alright…that’s a couple days now, so I expect I should be getting screwed hard real soon, crime generally and all that.



Not sure whether I’m more or less mad about CryptoBrewmaster as time goes on…hard to say, but I’m not over it yet. 🤬

Finally unlocked the next mission in the second area on Rising Star and then did a couple of them. Not much else going on here, still not exactly sure what to expect from playing it…


Got started earlier than usual playing Splinterlands today since I’d set the goal of trying to catch up with my daily quests. Got a little frustrated, but not too bad, and I do have to admit that the DEC rewards for wins were quite good.





Got my Earth quest done from yesterday and got Water splinter for today. Got them both done but still in Gold III. I guess it’s alright, don’t want to fly too close to the sun. Hard to believe that I was consistently getting into Champion at one time. My quest rewards for today were definitely meh:



The cost of presale packs shot up over eight SPS, so even though I do have another ten vouchers to spend, I decided to wait and staked my airdrop for today. I did pick up one or two more of the Pelacore Mercenaries off the market, trying to get it up to level eight at least (although it’s going to be tough choice against my Nectar Queen - which is my usual choice for tank).

Got my stats for the last week. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that there’s red flags all over the place, but that broken streak day really hurts!


Average Last 7 Days: 11,257

Lifetime Average: 15,395

10k per Day Streak: 2

Longest Streak: 204


Distance on shoes: 720.24 km
Distance on hikers: 64.92 km

#AutomaticWin Tally: 421
#AutomaticWin Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 53

#TripleTen Tally: 118
#TripleTen Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 7

#DoubleDay Tally: 229
#DoubleDay Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 37

Highest Floors: 120

Highest Daily Steps: 41,528

Zombies evaded: 0/0

Mindfulness Diary:

Health: 89%
Satisfaction: 66%
Energy: 79%
Productivity: 82%


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The car situation is tough 😢... Maybe try the old Red Green solution?