Real Madrid and Frankfurt .. Do not change a winning plan!


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Spanish club Real Madrid won the European Super title for the fifth time in their history, having managed to beat Germany's Eintracht Frankfurt by two clean goals, in the match at the "Helsinki Olympic Stadium" in the Finnish capital.

Austria's David Alaba opened the scoring for Real Madrid 37 minutes after the first whistle, while France's Karim Benzema added the second goal in the 65th minute.

The game was quiet for most of its periods, with Real Madrid's comparative advantage in possession, which totaled 57%, and the danger was even greater on the part of the club's players, who threatened Eintracht Frankfurt goalkeeper Kevin Trapp's goal with more than a dangerous ball over the course of the match.

Don't change a winning plan!

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti entered the Super European clash unchanged on the Champions League final against Liverpool last May 28.

Ancelotti seems to be working in a way that "never changes a winning plan" as he relied on the same style of play as the final, although here he was the most in control of the ball after leaving it to the English club in the Paris final.

Real Madrid rolled the ball as they wanted and quietly reached boredom at times of the game, but that almost cost him expensive in the 14th minute after Frankfurt players snatched the ball from Verlan Mendy to reach Japan's Daiichi Kamada solo goal by Thibaut Courtois, but the Belgian goalkeeper blocked the Frankfurt star's attempt.

However, Real Madrid continued to calm, control the ball and pass between their midfield players and the defensive line, so that they could impose their calm rhythm on the meeting.

Double Benzema and Vinicius continuous display!

The European Super Match showed that Karim Benzema and Vinicius Junior's double will continue to shine during the 2022-23 season.

Benzema gifted a ball in the 17th minute to the Brazilian that almost resulted in the first goal for the Royal Club, but for the intervention of Eintracht Frankfurt defender Tutta, who removed the ball from the goal line.

That is not the only collaboration between Real Madrid's super-European attack duo, as Vinicius succeeded in creating Karim Benzema's goal in the 65th minute.

Benzema and Vinicius duo showed their full success last season, and Ancelotti looks set to continue to rely on them, especially since Belgium's Eden Hazard did not enter the game, and the Italian only broke into the Brazilian Rodrigo midway through the second half.

Courtois Password Again

Belgium's Tibo Courtois once again played protector of Real Madrid, after his saves contributed to the team coming out with a clean sheet, such as in the Champions League final.

In addition to tackling Kamada's ball, Courtois denied Ansgar Knauff the goal.

In all, Frankfurt's players hit the ball three times against Real Madrid, which Courtois observed.

Does Casemiro feel at risk?
Brazilian Casemiro made the European super one of his best matches for Real Madrid ever.

The Brazilian midfielder appears to be concerned about his position at Real Madrid, especially after signing France's Aurelian Chuamini in the summer transfer window.

Apart from making the first goal, the shot he fired in the second half and hit the bar, Casemiro had a big game and especially defensively.

Casemiro managed to win nine ground struggles out of 13 attempts, managed to disperse the ball once, and intercepted the course of one of Frankfurt's players' shots.

Casemiro also succeeded in nine defensive tackles and cut the course of the ball on two occasions, becoming one of Real Madrid's leading players in the European Super.