Ronaldo, Casemiro and Zidane .. Real Madrid's magic mixture to overcome the departure of "Galacticos"

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Every time one of his stars departs, Real Madrid succeed in returning and compensating for that loss in their ranks.

In almost every transfer window, Spanish club Real Madrid loses a star, and at low prices does not sometimes reflect the madness of the transfer market.

During the summer of 2022, Brazil's Casemiro joined the list of departing stars from Real Madrid without warning, following his move to Manchester United, England, in a deal worth a total of 70 million euros.

Casemiro's move to Manchester United came as a surprise to all observers, and happened almost overnight, quick negotiations and a player welcoming the move, and suddenly everything was done.

Casemiro left Real Madrid after being the first star in the European Super Match against Germany's Eintracht Frankfurt, and having already competed against Almeria in the first round of La Liga.

However, during the press conference held by Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti before the second game in La Lega against Celta Vigo, the Italian confirmed agreement on Casemiro's departure, and not to play that match, which has already happened.

Celta Vigo's showdown was the start of France's Aurelian Chuamini with Real Madrid, who automatically replaced the veteran Brazilian, and no one felt Casemiro's absence at all.

Real Madrid donates in such matters, the number of times we don't feel the departure of one of its outstanding stars is incalculable, such as the retirement of Zinedine Zidane, the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Viejo, Iker Casillas, Ronaldo, and many stars.

However, what are the real reasons why Real Madrid is not affected by the departure of the stars from the Galacticos sample? Well, there might be a lot of reasons behind that in fact.

Transfer prowess!
Let's look at Casemiro's case, why did Real Madrid agree to sell the basically 30-year-old Brazilian?

Simply put, because he had a ready-made alternative that could fill the void that the Brazilian would leave directly, the Frenchman Chuamini who was contracted by Real Madrid for 100 million euros from Monaco.

True, the Frenchman is 22 years old, and is still in the early stages of his career, but he has the advantages and experience to fill Casemiro's place, and with the advantage that the Frenchman has a greater margin for development.

Thus, the restoration of 70 million euros of Chuamini's contract value is calculated, and the sacrifice of Casemiro itself has made more sense, as they play in the same position.

Given Zinedine Zidane's retirement in the summer of 2006, Real Madrid moved swiftly in the transfer market, signing Netherlands' Ruud van Nistelrooy, Brazil's Emerson, Mali's Mamadou Diarra and Argentina's young Fernando Gago.

It is true that there is a difference between Zidane's position and those players, but Real Madrid then benefited more than their star Gotti's capabilities, and provided him with protection in the middle using Emerson and Diarra.

Replacement and renewal

Real Madrid has a clear policy of substitution and blood regeneration, which ensures there is no player who does not perform as required with the team.

One of the most important features of this policy pursued by the Royal Club is the rule that the contract of a player over 30 years of age can only be renewed on the basis of his performance in the stadium.

Real Madrid, approaching the end of a player's contract over the age of 30, offers to renew a season, depending on his level on the field.

That policy caused the departure of Sergio Ramos, for example, having asked in the summer of 2021 to renew his contract for two seasons, but the royal club eventually triumphed for its base, offering to renew it for only one season, to leave the former captain for Paris Saint-Germain.

But one of the most important examples of this rule is Croatia's Luka Modric, who will turn 37 next September.

Real Madrid renew Modric's contract every year, amid mutual understanding on the rule the club applies, and a constant brilliance from the Croatian star ensures he continues to play fundamentally.

Real Madrid's substitution and renewal policy ensures that it is greatly superior, especially with reliance on young players and continuously reducing the age rate in the team.

Hero Character

It is true that a sentence like a hero's character sometimes goes against logic, but it may be real.

A few clubs around the world have this personality that enables them to stand up to challenges and changes.

Can anyone reasonably explain Real Madrid's Champions League title win last season after being close to going out in every knockout round? I'd be surprised if I found one logical explanation.

If a player possesses the ingredients to hold a Real Madrid shirt, the character definitely moves to him, reflecting on his level on the pitch.

Look, for example, at Cristiano Ronaldo's departure in the summer of 2018, when, out of nowhere, Karim Benzema appeared very different from all the French time spent at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Benzema has since worn the championship gown, becoming the top scorer of the Royal Club, and one of the most prominent stars in world football, all over the age of 30.

Benzema's brilliance comes to confirm that the presence of an integrated group of players helps to skip the departure of some stars, especially since Real Madrid is not a team that sells a large number of players in each transfer market, and compensating one star at a time is naturally possible.