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Good day, gorgeous people! Welcome to another Rabona gaming blog. If you're new to Rabona, it's a soccer or football manager simulator created on the Hive blockchain for football lovers.

It was Season 50 of the Rabona game last season, each season ends per week which means Rabona has been around for 50 weeks i.e 11.5 Months. Approximately, we can say that Rabona is over a year. The Rabona teams have been working badly to deliver the best product during the first year, but the impediments for the project is limited resources, only one to two developers have been working at their leisure on the game lately which made the developments very slow. The good news is that the developers are active and taking requests from the players. We wish things to turn around positively for the game development soon.

DFA Rabona team finished in the 11th position at the end of season 50. I thought the team will be relegated to League 2 because the team was in the relegation zone for a long time not until the last 10-5 matches, the team showed some strengths and won some matches which moved the DFA Rabona team above the relegation zone.

Due to the poor performances, the fans have been reduced from the previous 59M to around 54M, hopefully, we can make it up in Season 51 (S51).

I spent approximately 45 minutes scouting good players since I don't use a bot, I read about a user that uses its programmed bot to do mass scouting and the Rabona developer say it will be available to everyone on the interface soon, that's the advantage of being a developer or programmer, you can make tasks easier as far as the API to the program is available or the program is open-source.

I signed around 30 superb players which made the total team members 51, the highest number of players have had since the day of playing the game. I have placed many on the market before they aged for more RBN profits and as I'm writing this, I've sold 4 players for about 14M RBN+.

The Overall Strength of the Rabona team was 80 before the new scouts were added, the OS is now 77. There are players with low OS but with good properties that are signed for future purposes, they will improve their OS as they train and will be sold at an expensive rate.

The player sales are always impressive despite the low number of gammers playing Rabona. I sold 7 players in S50 with a sum of 13.5M RBN, the S51 sales will be multiple of S50.

The S50 earning is around 76M RBN which is closer to the ATH of 79M RBN.

The End!

DFA powered up more than 300K Sports tokens. This is the best time to buy and stake more Sports as it's very cheap at the moment on the market.

Thank you for viewing and supporting Decentralized Football Academy.

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If you are stumbling upon DFA (Decentralized Football Academy) for the first time, please check out our Introduction article and this Medium article to see our achievements.

PS: The reward from this post will be used to provide the footballers with full kits, new gear, partake in competitions, visit sports events, excursions, food accommodations, camps, and management for the team.


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