My favorite athlete of all time!


It’s been a hard couple years for Roger Federer and I feel bad for him. But he’s had one of the greatest careers ever in any sport I believe. Plus he’s a true sportsman seems like a really good guy and my favorite athlete of all time.

He has played so many matches he has won so many tournaments and grand slams and he did a lot of years without a coach.

I got to meet him for about 15 seconds when I went to a tennis tournament and watched him practice on the side courts. He signed a picture for me and told me to keep working on my game.

Unfortunately I cannot find the picture he signed.


Now I have to find a new tennis star to cheer for.

Good bye Rodger! You are the man! Make a comeback. 😂👍🏼

Tennis is losing its legends right now.

Serena is done and probably just played her last match. Wow she was dominate too.

Nadal is almost done I think.

Novak will be back but I don’t think he will have too many years left.

The young have their chance now to finally win some big tournaments.


One of the greatest players for sure!
When I was into sports trading I watched a few of his games, helped gather a few euros 🤣
Another favourite of mine is Stan Wawrinka. It's been a while last time I watched some tennis tournaments but I recall a few cool wins from him.
I think it's time for the younger generation to come forward and bring new names to the trophies :)