Growing Interest For Crypto Salaries

Aaron Rodgers just made headlines this week for his plan to take a portion of his salary in bitcoin.

Rodgers said that he is going to partner with Cash App to make this happen.

This is just one more individual in a growing list of those around the world who have sought to accept bitcoin as a portion of their salary.

Is there more to come as cryptocurrency continues to go mainstream?

On Cash App, Rodgers says that:

"They have enabled me to take part of my NFL salary in Bitcoin for the very first time."

Other players have sought to convert their entire salary to bitcoin and we can expect more to come down the road.

But for many others still they aren't interested in taking any crypto in the form of a salary yet because of the volatility associated with it.

However, this hasn't stopped a growing number of people around the world from accepting and being paid in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for the last decade+.