Portuguese Premier League - FC Porto x Sporting CP

Today is MATCHDAY šŸ¤˜

I'm a big fan of football, good football and Sporting Clube de Portugal (SCP), of course šŸ˜‹

image from SCP Twitter

Today 20H15, Portuguese hour, FC Porto x Sporting

FC Porto is the first on League with more 6 points then Sporting, which is the second one, and this game is very important and is to win! Sporting of course šŸ¤˜

I will be in front of TV also playing with them šŸ¦

Let's see how it goes! šŸ™

This week is an exciting week! Next Tuesday we will have Sporting x Man City, for the Champions League šŸ˜¬

Let's bet with me!

  • FC Porto 1 - Sporting 3
  • Sporting 1 - Man City 0

Yes I'm a dreamer! šŸ¤Ŗ

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