Attending the Invitation of the Prophet's Birthday and Carrying Out State Duties.



Attending the Invitation of the Prophet's Birthday and Carrying Out State Duties.

Greetings to all friends.
How are you friends today..?
See that question mark, I hope today will be a good start to achieve good fortune, which is better than the previous days.

Android smartphone alarm rings, indicating the time is 05.55. WIB. I immediately got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to clean myself, then I immediately performed the Subuh prayer.

Then I immediately got ready to do today's activities, a cup of water and a piece of bread accompanied my preparation for work. Around 07.10. WIB, I immediately started today's activities from home.

The first activity I did was take the children to their respective schools, but on the way I first refueled the vehicle at a Public Fuel Filling Station (SPBU).


After refueling, I immediately drove the children to school. From the children's school, I continued my journey to my wife's office. The goal is to take my wife to her office, my journey continues to the Bireuen fire department to carry out today's assignment.

Upon arrival at the office, I went straight to the office to gather with my colleagues. Several colleagues who were leaving the service and those who were going up were already in the cafeteria.

A cup of coffee without sugar and a few pieces of typical Aceh cake is the breakfast menu this morning, while enjoying the food, my colleagues and I share stories this morning.


The coffee morning activity discussed the game lato-lato which is currently going viral, this game gets various comments in daily life even on social media.

Lato-lato is a simple game made of a pair of small balls attached to a string. This game is quite busy played by children. The collision creates a unique sound.

The coffee morning activity was stopped for a moment, this was because the clock was already showing 08.05. WIB. I and some of my colleagues on duty today headed straight to the office yard.


The activity that we do is to take part in routine mass activities, this activity is led directly by the team commander. In this activity, he gave several important messages to us as firefighters.

After the morning assembly activities, my colleagues and I headed straight back to the office canteen while on full alert in carrying out state duties. We continued the conversation by discussing various existing problems, the endless conversation caused laughter between us.


Around 11.00. WIB, my colleagues and I went to Dayah Teupin Mane, Juli District, Bireuen Regency. Our goal was to attend the Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW event. Together with my colleagues, we immediately headed to a location that was not far from the office.

Upon arrival at the dayah we were immediately greeted by several tengku dayahs, we were immediately invited to go to the dining table to enjoy the various foods that had been served.

After queuing for several minutes, my colleagues and I finally chose several food menus to eat. My colleagues and I took one of the places under the tent to enjoy the food.

After eating, my colleagues and I immediately met with several local village leaders. A short dialogue took place between us, the local village leaders appreciated our performance so far in tackling the fire disaster that occurred in Juli District.







As time went on, my colleagues and I immediately said goodbye to return to the office. Before returning, we said goodbye and thanked the dayah leaders for this invitation.

Upon arrival at the office, my colleagues and I immediately returned to duty as members of the fire department. We remain fully alert in carrying out activities and responsibilities for today, some of our colleagues also spend their time sitting back and relaxing while opening their Android smartphones.

When the time for the midday prayer is coming, I go straight to the bathroom to clean myself. Next, I went straight to the nearest mosque to perform the midday prayer. After the prayer, I immediately returned to the office to carry out my duties while resting.

Meanwhile, the activity in the afternoon that I do is go fishing. Me and some colleagues went fishing in the irrigation canal, the irrigation canal is right behind our office.




Before leaving, my colleagues and I first prepared fishing equipment. We also did not forget to prepare bait for fishing, after the preparations were complete, we immediately headed to the location on foot.

However, this time the fortune was not in favor of me and my colleagues. After fishing for an hour, not even a fish grabbed our fishing line. Finally, we decided to return to the office.

Arriving at the office, I took a break with my colleagues while chatting together. After resting, I went straight to the bathroom to clean myself and perform the Maghrib prayer.

Meanwhile, after the evening prayer, my colleagues and I enjoyed dinner together. After dinner we immediately rested, we had no activities to do as the night approached. We are still on full alert in carrying out our duties as firefighters until tomorrow.




This is the journey of life that I went through on Tuesday, 10/01/2023, I hope my writing can benefit all of us. Sorry if there are words that are wrong in this writing, thank you to friends who have taken a little time to read my writing.

Thank you.