Attending Weddings and Work Activities Meetings.



Attending Weddings and Work Activities Meetings.

Greetings to all friends.
How are you friends today..?
See that question mark, I hope today will be a good start to achieve good fortune, which is better than the previous days.

Android smartphone alarm rings, indicating the time is 05.55. WIB. I immediately got out of bed and headed to the bathroom to clean myself, then I immediately performed the obligatory morning prayer.

Waking up colleagues who were fast asleep was the next activity, I headed straight to the office yard to exercise. The sport that I do is take a leisurely walk around the office yard, fresh air accompanied by cold weather accompanies my activities while exercising this morning.


After exercising, I rest for a while before cleaning myself again and continuing my next activity. Around 07.30. WIB, I went straight to the office canteen to enjoy the breakfast menu.

Several colleagues were also present in the cafeteria, colleagues who were going to serve were also seen enjoying various food and drink menus. A cup of black coffee without sugar and a few slices of typical Aceh cake is my menu of choice this morning.

My colleagues and I immediately carried out the coffee morning activities, we discussed several discussions this morning. The most interesting discussion is about the world of football, where we discuss the results of the Manchester City derby in the Premier League.

The match was won by the Manchester United club over Manchester City with a score of 2-1, we also discussed the Italian Serie A League result between Napoli versus Juventus, this match was won by Napoli as the host with a score of 5-1.



Apart from that, we also discuss which figures in Bireuen Regency have the potential to become people's representatives in the upcoming 2024 elections. Without realizing it, time kept moving and the clock pointed exactly at 08.15. WIT, I and several colleagues who were off duty today immediately returned to their respective homes.

There was no activity that I did when I got home other than resting, in the family room I immediately lay down while watching television. But around 11.00. WIB, I immediately went to the bathroom to clean myself, I immediately got ready to go to a friend's wedding.

I picked up some friends to attend the event, our goal was to go to Gampong Peudada Bireuen. By using a four-wheeled vehicle, my colleagues and I headed straight to the event location.

Upon arrival, several colleagues had also arrived first. Colleagues from the Bireuen Regency Disaster Preparedness Taruna were seen waiting for our arrival, we headed straight to the event house.

We immediately met the groom's parents, the groom is my best friend who just released his bachelor period. We were immediately invited to the serving table to enjoy the various food menus that had been prepared.

My colleagues and I immediately ate several menus, under a beautiful blue tent, we enjoyed the food menu together. After enjoying various food menus, we headed straight to the aisle to congratulate the bride and groom.

One by one we congratulated each other, in the aisle we also joked with each other on that happy day. We also said goodbye to the bride and groom, then we also said goodbye to the groom's parents and thanked them for serving the food and congratulated them.




When I got home, I immediately cleaned myself and performed the midday prayer. I took time to rest for a while with the children in the living room while watching television.

Meanwhile, another activity that I do during the day is relax for a while at Ocean Cafe Bireuen, where I enjoy a cup of coffee without sugar. With our colleagues, these brief chats occurred between us, occasionally our chats sparked laughter and jokes.

Around 16.30. WIB, I immediately returned home to continue other activities. When I got home, I immediately cleaned myself and performed the Asr prayer. After the activity, I immediately spent time with my family at home.




Meanwhile, at night, the activity that I do is to gather with colleagues from the Bireuen District Disaster Preparedness Cadets. We discussed many things tonight, one of which was about the activities we would be holding in the next few months.

The plan is for us to carry out training activities to strengthen Bireuen District Disaster Preparedness Cadets in disaster management. The activity will be attended by dozens of young cadet members.

The meeting took place at approx22.15. WIB, my colleagues and I immediately returned to our respective homes. However, I didn't head straight home, I stopped at a Public Fuel Filling Station (SPBU) first. Finished from the gas station, I continued my journey to the house to rest.



This is the journey of life that I went through on Saturday, 01/14/2023, I hope my writing can benefit all of us. Sorry if there are words that are wrong in this writing, thank you to friends who have taken a little time to read my writing.

Thank you.


It fascinates me to attend weddings and meetings of work activities, that gives me the possibility of interacting with more people and at the same time improves my relationship with family and friends.


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