Garden Boxing bouts: Is Eddie Hearn on the right track?


Eddie Hearn, who is Anthony Joshua's promoter is planning to organise fights in his own back garden.
He made this known when he spoke to Saturday's Daily Mail.

The British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) says Britain will be returning to professional boxing in July where there will be no spectators and open spit buckets.


Hearn which has extensive grounds is located in Brentwood, to the north-east of London.
In his word:

"It is a huge mission. We are going to turn our headquarters here into an outdoor venue for live boxing, with a full canopy in the middle of the garden and the ring overlooking London," said the Matchroom boss.

"We are building changing rooms for the fighters, setting up a space for a ring walk, and figuring out how we can do everything you need for this kind of production with as few people as possible,"

"It will give the fighters that big event feel... it won't be great for the grass but hopefully it will be very good for boxing."- Source.

What do you think?

Do you think the world of boxing is ready for a spectatorless bout?

Boxing is a fanfare and the spectators play a major role in getting the fighters ready to put up a great show.
Don't forget ticket sales as well which is something Hearn cannot make happen in his backyard with a select audience.
Boxing is fun more because of the spectators who offer their cheers, roar and all the rowdiness.

There are some sports that cannot be done indoors and I think boxing falls into that category.
Boxing needs the light, roars, fans screams, hooting and the hype of madness.

Is Covid-19 killing competitive sports?

Covid-19 is makin a mess of things and till this moment, we have no idea how we can get out of it.
All sporting competitions have been put on hold with no real or specific date of it's return.

It's 3 months and there has not been any competition whatsoever and now, it is getting really boring going on without our favorite sports.

Make the world a better place for someone today!


Wow. Let's see how things come up. May be there will be a virtual spectators feeling to motivate the boxers bring out a good show. I agree with you though. I think without the crowd, it wont be that fun


We just have to wait and see how it works out.
The era we are in is one where innovative ideas will be given a fair testing chance.

Without the shouts, whistling, cheering and number of people around, the boxers may find it hard to get stirred up.

Stay Awesome!