Can we really do without our phones and laptops


We live in a world where technology has really made the spread of information and communication made more easier for users to use in the aspect of communicating with loved ones around the world and getting vital information through the internet globally.

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Our accessories like our phones, laptops which is our main tool in communicating and also which is used for very important vital stuff which always keeps us busy and lively especially when being bored is very important to us.

I believe this accessories is very important to us and also can be said to be second to life because it keeps us informed with what's going on around us and also helps us in one way or the other which is beneficiary to us depending on the area or aspect it favours or helps you.

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Have you ever imagine living without this accessories for days or weeks and see how you would feel if your not with them believe me one would feel bored and unhappy because it's what we use in a daily basis.

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The past two or three days Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram was down which affected everyone globally with only that moment of lack of communication through the media, most people were not happy because only that period or moment alone, millions of people would have lost money and so many other valuable things that can be done through the media because of lack of communication.

So definitely, it won't be quite easy or it won't be easy to do without this gadget because it's what we use in a daily basis that makes us connected.

I remembered misplacing my phone during the lockdown for months and during that period I felt so unhappy because it has kept me away from things I love doing and during that period it's wasn't easy for me because I felt like a lonely man in a lonely world.

We are all connected here on hive with our phones and laptops just to keep the love and the platform in progress and improvement and I can't just imagine doing that without our gadget.

In this era we are, technology has really helped in so many ways that we are all connected to it in one way or the other which we can't do without it.

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In the aspect of promoting your business online, going to places you don't know but will do that with the help of Google map, buying things online without stepping out of your house and so many important things that we can phones to get things information through the internet and I believe it is very important to us that has made life easier and faster to reduce stress.

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