My Actifit Report Card: November 26 2021


hi guys it's another beautiful day😁...filled with promises and great plans,

took my neighbors daughter some photos

well my favorite talk apart from exercising is the weather, maybe cause it's one phenomenon we can't change but just adapt to it,....

today got some how mix reaction from me cause, i was rather confuse and i didnt know what to call it, .. .around 14:30....the weather was calm, like it was going to rain,it did rain but still then the sun was up so it was the rain and and the sun fighting for supremacy, ...
later on i took a tricycle to meet my brother upfront ...the distance was far so i didn't try to walk

met him got the stuff he needed to give me he was actually traveling to calaber, capital city of cross River state Nigeria, while reside in Uyo capital city of Akwa-Ibom state, then i got back home by now the sun won,....did a lot of walking around jogging stretching a
nd running

it's all good the way it all went down....thanks for droping by
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