The Power of Timely Interventions


The basketball World/ sports World in general was just avoided perhaps the biggest disaster since the untimely and unfortunate demise of Kobe Bryant in that Helicopter crash. This time it was Bronny, the oldest son of LeBron James. He suffered a Cardiac arrest a few days ago but has since been stabilized. Bronny might not, or even never be a star basketball player but he does have superstar pull on his own because of the family name. He is also a very decent basketball prospect, so that much must be stated. I wish him speedy recovery.

This post isn't necessarily about Bronny though, it is rather the intervention that had to occur for him to have come out of it. Sudden Cardiac arrest can kill within minutes if left unattended to, so it isn't that skilled intervention was an option, it was the only option. Luckily such an intervention did come and the story is very different. It got me thinking though, just how well prepared and well trained the team at USC were in case of an emergency that they were able to ensure Bronny received that crucial aid within minutes leading to his pathway to making a full and complete recovery.

When a crisis comes, it is always assuring to have competent people around you who have got your back. Just how well do we trust those who surround us should we face a potential crisis. Competence rubs off on others and sometimes people might be enjoying the proceeds from a single competent person. This hypothesis seems to follow in virtually all aspects of life, but I am admittedly more focused on how it does affect our finances. I am working on a project that has stalled because of a lack of effective collaboration from individuals competent in the areas I require.

As far as the Blockchain is concerned our first responders are those willing to make investments and improvements during the bears in the crypto market. We'd admittedly be in a worse off situation without them. When the going gets tough they tend to seize the moment and take the lead for others to follow. It takes a significant amount of discipline and personal sacrifice to be the one everyone relies on in rough times but you're rest assured that what you're doing is capable of transforming the fortunes of the space.


It's a crazy comparison but there'd literally be no project to participate if some people didn't take the initial plunge and risk losing their finances and their time. People are also crazy enough to invest when others are fleeing the market scared. Such things don't go unnoticed though, as Crypto also has a way of rewarding those who play significant roles if they're willing to wait it out till the results show.