My Actifit Report Card: May 09 2022


The activity count is not after the mark today this is because of the rainy environment for about day long today. Environment is not bad for as because we can enjoy the beauty of rainy nature. It's not rainy season but we didn't couple of weeks rainy season will begin according to the schedule of calendar. But we can see some rain in this summer as well here in Bangladesh.

Today I got a little bit late because yesterday I went to bed lately. After doing some work in my home I when to my office and there I had couple of class. I delivered some lecture there. I was in fasting so it was not so easy for me to deliver couple of lecture today.

After that I had a lot of work in my office because I was in office after a long time. So it's pretty handy for me in terms of accomplishing the work after about couple of weeks. It was done about by 3:00 p.m..

I get back to home and it was rainy and environment for rest of the day. In the mean time I just offered prayer and after that everything is normal of doing some work in my home inside the house. So it's efficient day in terms of activity for me altho I was at home most of the time but I have done a lot of job in my laptop. And for this reason my steps count today is not up to the mark which is 5000. It is very poor compared with yesterday but I am hopeful that my steps count will increase as I am making some routine of having walk everyday.

Thank you very much for stopping by and knowing my day
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