6 for 10


Last day in November 2021. I planned, more wished for, to run in the afternoon around Tivoli park yet it wasn't to be. Instead, it was a late evening run at home again. It was minus four or so the weather gadget says. It felt like ... not really so cold.

The goal was to reach 9 kilometers and the designed way to run six laps of 1.5 K each on local streets with a double climb in every lap.

That's why 6.

In the end, I decided to push for 10 K because it was a joy to run.

Running power increased toward the end because I upped the pace. Six double peaks look nice too. Almost 200 meters of vertical gain is sweet.

Lap times, Every third was a completed double loop with a flat last kilometer at a 5 minutes pace.

The spaghetti map.

Stats for November:

  • 30 runs
  • 212 K in total
  • 2,213 meters of climb
  • 334 days of running in this year
  • 883 days long running streak

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Proof of Run on Strava

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Better and better


That's a good workout. Hills do you good. Keep on running!