Hypocritical Progressives Are ANGRY At Ivan Provorov For Refusing To Wear LGBT-Themed Jersey


It's always funny to see how hypocritical progressives really are when it comes to "disrespecting people's culture". On the one hand, they say it is wrong to disrespect someone's culture especially when you're appropriating them, and then, on the other, they want those same cultures to submit to their "liberal" culture.

A while ago, it was wrong to disrespect Muslim culture and Jewish people, however, if you're orthodox and traditional in your own culture they want to disrespect Islam, Jewish and Christian cultures. They have double standards and project hypocrisy elsewhere when they are hypocritical.

I stand with Ivan Provorov in his stance to not wear an LGBT-themed jersey, just as I stood for Colin Kaepernick when I didn't strongly support Black Lives Matter. Their opinions and their protests are both valid and progressives should consider Provorov's views on the issue.