Motion Blur, Speed

Here's my two cents for the evening.

An athlete needs a coach. Hitting that level of performance, just isn't possible without some external voice pushing him further.

And not only that, can one really reach high levels of performance while having an engaged executive mind? Maybe, or maybe not. I don't think most people can. Sure there are flow states, but flow does not involve high level strategies. At best it involves short term to mid term tactics.

Now extrapolating this to life, peak performance requires coaching. And even basic performance requires coaching. Could a child athlete make it above the basics without a coach? 80% could not. So why do we put ourselves in these impossible positions as adults?

I gave sales an earnest attempt, twice. The first time I had a good 5 day training, but zero coaching beyond that. The second time I had mediocre to bad coaching for several weeks from management, but ultimately I fell flat. Now, did I fail? Yes. Was there more that I could have done? Obviously, but the array of activity I could have done to get that success was rather narrow. I'm not sure I could have seen it without more time to learn, or without an actual coach.

Anyways that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Cheers!