Why Do People Change?


If you asked me why people change, I would say we change for two reasons, it's either we've learned enough that we want to, or it's because we've been hurt enough that we decide to say something or give up.

It's surprising how someone so good, or perhaps a friend who we are sure and know loves us one day, is no longer interested in the friendship.

Some people would likely say that the means was a pretender and never loved us but for me, I would say the person has bear so much hurt in the friendship and has decided to go his or her separate way.

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I don't know which is for you but me if you realize that I have changed towards you as a friend, it only means one thing, I have been hurt so many times that I can count by that person so dear to my heart that I decided to do what's best for me and that's to walk away or give my silent behaviour.

It helps me regain my senses back and set my priorities right just maybe what happened between the both of us was a misplaced priority.

There is nothing sweet in getting hurt by the people or one person we hold so dear to our heart and look up to them. I guess that's why scripture says that we should never look up to people but only to God because men will fail us and indeed men do fail.

I don't change because I want to change, but I change because I have had enough of the hurt and I am only trying to do one thing and that is to shield my heart from getting hurt over and over again.

I mean, I may still love you but for the sake of my health, physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and otherwise, I wouldn't want to get deeply involved with you as a friend.

It's not my fault, it's the issue of life and that's the best way to stay alive and keep yourself sane. You know, we aren't pretenders or whatever name you call us, we are only trying to do away with negative people and vibes that tend to destroy our happiness, joy, self-esteem, and confidence we've worked or tried building over the years.

Don't try hurting me and still expect me to remain the same, nope, am gonna change to remain strong and sane for myself.

We got to do what we got to do to survive in this cruel world.
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