Never Get Distracted


Distraction is one of the things that has hindered many from attaining their set goals, it has crippled many and sent many into their depressed state.

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There is a lot we can learn about life from the GPS and the most important lesson is directions. The GPS is used to take directions just in case we don't know our destination and one paramount thing the GPS never does is get distracted or lead one to the wrong destination. It always leads us to the end of our journey without mistakes except we put the wrong address and that is how the GPS works.

As long as the destination is set, it never gets distracted or goes wrong, so we should also learn from the GPS, never be distracted. Set your destination and follow the route to the end, don't be distracted by anyone or anything it would only mare your dreams and passion.

Always work in your lane and don't get distracted and start working in someone else's lane.

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