We All Need That Someone


No matter how strong and confident we sometimes feel about ourselves, the truth remains that every one of us needs that someone who gets us like no one else right when we need it the most.

We all need a soul to rely on, a shoulder to cry on, a friend through the highs and the lows, a smile that keeps us going, a hand that holds on when we need one, and a foot that carries us when we are weak to walk with our own feet.

We need that one person that knows when we aren't in the mood, that one person that knows when we are faking a smile or laugh to cover up our hurt, a friend to cheer us up when we need it, and a body to lie on when we are tired of using our bed.

We need that someone who stands up for us even when the worlds turn their back against us, we need that someone whose voice calms our demons, we need that someone who can go on his knees for and with us to fight our battles for us without caring how long it will take.

We all need that someone who knows when we are weak and tired of life and will support us during those times till we are strong. We need that someone who wouldn't mind staying awake all night to make sure our fever isn't too high.

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We all need that someone who knows us no matter our flaws and stands by us no matter what we are going through, we all need that person who can put a smile on our face by just looking at us or smiling at us.

We need that someone who even amid havoc assures us either with their words or actions that all will be well and we can believe in them even when we don't see the possibilities.

No matter what, we can't go through the challenges of life, our joyous or happiest moments, our sad moments of experiences all alone. Moreover, we can't make it alone no matter how knowledge-filled, skilled-filled, emotional strong we think we are.

If you've got such a person, please do cherish them because they are rare and hard to come back. They made that decision to be that one person for you and only you.
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