My Love Affirmation


What is love without affirmation? How does one know you love them when you refused to tell them you love them or even let your actions do the talking. Don't expect someone to know how much you love them when you don't affirm it, even Jesus Christ that told us about his love for us affirmed it by dying on the cross for our sake.

I don't expect anyone to die on the cross as an affirmation of his love for me but I expect an expression of his love for me. It takes little or no effort to show someone how much they mean to us by calling them, chatting them up, dropping love messages, appreciating their beauty, or letting them know how beautiful their new hairstyle or haircut is, how beautiful their dress is and how gorgeous they always look.

Show someone you love them, go all out to show them, don't hide it, don't be limited because you are afraid something might go wrong. You won't and don't lose anything even if something happens at the end because love is might be expressed and not caged in our hearts.

Love is beautiful with the imperfect person who makes you feel perfect with them. Love brings out the best in us and as such everyone is allowed to love.

Just as in the case of my love for Bole, I love bole so much that I just could not pass without buying it, and when I got home, I enjoyed it alone and refused to share it with anyone.

We've got just one life to live on this planet, so live with it to the best of your ability. Love, like it, is the end of the world but we know it isn't.
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