Death is Inevitable


The news about the death of one of God's generals who goes by the name Pastor Ezekiel Atang, the founder of God's House of refuge has been the talk of the town.

As many think that one of the causes of the man's fortunate demise was stress while others felt he had some challenging health issues that he might have been struggling for a while because the report has it that the last words before his demise were assurance that he was not in good health during his meeting at Onitsha in one of the business summit he was called upon to speak.

Well, am not going to go into details because I can't tell categorically the cause of his death but this is what struck me yesterday while I thought about the news of his death.

Death is inevitable, so you get to live your best life always.

I am one person who never gets moved or takes into consideration the death of someone, I guess it is because I have lost someone and I know the pains of the family. Although I cry when I am opportune to witness the laying down of their corpse but I never let myself get disturbed or let myself absorb their news because I feel it anyone can die at any time and I also believe that when it is the set time for a particular person or people to die, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Now, I am not talking about the case when our carelessness leads us to our untimely death.

I feel the death of others should be a constant reminder to those of us who are opportune to be alive that death can knock at our door at any given time, it is no respecter of age, height, body size, or wealth. It picks one in its due season and no one can escape its claws when it is time and that is more reason why those of us who are living should be conscious about living our best life always.

We should not let the quest for money make us live life in our shadow, we should not let the quest for fame, make us forget that life is supposed to be lived beautifully and at its peak peaks because it is nothing but a fleeting moment.

Don't forget this, we are like pencils in the hand of the creator, and as such, it is important we live life to the best. Good thing we have a choice of deciding how well to live our life but never have the choice to decide when the creator fits to take our lives.

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