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I've been playing Rabona since the beginning of this year. While most of the players from the first Galo Doido squad that won the League 3/ID 694 in season 62 are no longer on the team, there is a player from that era who continues to write his name in the club's history to this day.



My Favorite Player

The brazilian striker Gustavo Nogueira was signed as a young talent at the age of 22. He was part of all the club's achievements: League 3, League 2, and League 1. He is a born leader and goalscorer (the biggest of Galo Doido), having scored almost 250 goals in his career, sometimes disputing even the top scorer of the season.

This is his tenth season wearing the black-and-white kit. Since he arrived, he was the main striker, both in good and bad times for the club. I was able to follow all his evolution and that's why I like him a lot.

He is a good teamplayer, always willing to contribute as much as possible to the team. Despite his comfort zone being the 4-3-3, he quickly adapted to the 4-5-1, 4-4-2, and 4-2-3-1, formations characteristic of the different Galo Doido squads throughout these ten seasons. In his entire career, he was injured only once, the result of all his training and professionalism.

Today, at 31, he is a player with great stats. Although he no longer has the same momentum as his youth, Gustavo is still very competitive. He is a dribbler, has a good pass rate, and a powerful shot.

player (1).png

With the n. 9 shirt, Gustavo Nogueira is one of the main responsible for the team's recent success, which today play in the League of Champions. Along with him, Japanese defensive midfielder Minato Nara and Swedish defender Amir Hansen (who signed shortly after Gustavo) are the three pillars of the squad, indispensable in all matches. These two are also great players who deserve to be highlighted for the important defensive work they have been doing over the seasons. It's really sad that their football time is running out.

I hope Gustavo gets the last title he needs in his career before retiring. Anyway, I will always be grateful for everything he did for Galo Doido.


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