Lunch, Magnets, Tub Upkeep, Wrestling Practice - Monday


Woke up to .15 inches of rain in the gauge and it sprinkled a bit while we soaked. In spite of the mud I much prefer this weather to the cold and snow of Winter.


Both boys went to school and about noon @stryeyz came home for lunch and we went a couple miles North to LJ's which was closed so we went next door to Biggies. Afterwards we headed up to the school a few miles away to see if the screen printing shop was open but ended up striking out. He was not there, one of the few days he is ever gone from the shop. So we will try again tomorrow or the next day.

I made it home with 10 minutes to spare before I had to go pick the boys up and once home they dug into the ball magnet sets that we have and spent an hour or so with them before they cleaned them all up, surprisingly.


I had started to fill the tub before leaving for lunch and stopped it while gone. Once home I got it going again and let it overflow for a while.


Once it was brim full I sprayed out the filter real good before reinstalling it.


I got dinner ready and had the boys fed in time for us to leave for wrestling practice. Most of the kids were there this time and they had the typical free for all before practice started.


Lots of practice on sprawling to try to enforce the kicking of the legs away from the arms of the opponent before they get a good grip on them. Then they went to a new move that is one of the coach's favorites. It's called "double trouble" and once learned lives up to its name.


You can see R's partner starting to place the hold. One arm goes over the neck and the hand cups their chin then the other arm goes into a half and with a quick drive forward the wrestler is on their back in a compromised position that leads easily to a pin.


A couple of teenagers walked across the mats with their shoes on and then had to do 50 pushups for their ignorance. Half the kids did them with them and totally toasted their arms. It was a bit comical to watch.


Then the gluttons asked for more but they ended up doing an in-the-round pushup challenge. Each kid did a pushup around the circle then each did 2 around the circle in a wave fashion.


The kids got split to two groups and first was take down competition which J still needs a good bit of work on. It IS his first year and he has not been a physically aggressive kid so it is taking him a bit to figure it out.


The next round was to keep the person on the bottom from escaping and R tried his hardest to keep her from getting up but in the end she yanked her foot from his grasp a few seconds before the 30 second time was up.


J tried hard to get his hands clasped but the other kid broke his hands apart too fast and got away from him.


They finished the night playing laces where they try to tag each other's shoe laces.


We all soaked after practice and the boys got to bed. J needed to get to sleep since he has testing for the Highly Capable program the school is beginning this year.


School for the boys today, I have an irrigation and water feature startup today, mandolin practice, and I have to get the chick brooder ready for the chicks we are getting on Thursday.

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What is it about wrestling that all the coaches have a bushy beard? My coach had a legendary ZZ top type beard... Maybe they're trying to portray that they've wrestled a bear and won..