Warm My Core, Wrestling Signups - Monday


After I got home from my camping adventure up north yesterday mid day I unloaded the truck quickly then jumped in the shower to knock off all the smoke and dirt from the cave. By the time I was out I didn't have enough time to soak before going and picking up the boys from school which was a main concern of timing for my return.

It took an hour once we were back before I could get outside. It felt super nice to warm my core which had been a ball of ice the prior two nights. The hike out had warmed me up pretty well but that cold seemed to hang on at the core.


@stryeyz got home from work and we managed to get food in all of us before heading up to the high school for the wrestling signups. We walked into the multipurpose room to a crowd of people. There ended up being nearly 90 kids signed up. Both R an J are going to be on the same days in the 5 to 8 year old groups which will make life a bit easier. They practice twice a week, once for and hour and half and the second for an hour. They had some singlets available there so J got his to take home and we ordered R's. I am getting them shoes and headgear on order so they will have it next week for their first practice on Thursday. I wrestled all through elementary school so I am kind of hoping they both enjoy it.


Once home I got a little writing done and the boys went to bed then we went out for the evening soak. After the prior couple days I was quite tired and really really looking forward to my bed. I got an hour or so in before I had to pass out. Bed felt super nice.


Woke up to it snowing some more but it will likely turn to rain. We have to prep for our trip to Boise for the Tool concert which we are all quite excited for.

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